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What is my trade worth?

Canadian Black Book Used Car Values

One of the questions I am asked most is “What is my trade worth?”

There are many resources available online that will give you a range however, regardless of what you may read on the web, the only way a dealer will be able to tell you for certain is by appraising it in person. This is the case with all vehicles, even nearly new ones. Why do they need to see it? Simply put, would you buy a used car without seeing it? Most people would agree it is not a good idea without seeing and driving the vehicle first.

Having said that, most dealers will use the Canadian Black Book as a guide to help determine the value. The Canadian Black Book aggregates sale prices from wholesale auctions across Canada and provides this information to car dealers, insurance companies, finance companies, and banks.

Recently, we were able to add the Canadian Black Book online tool to our website. If you would like to know what your vehicle’s wholesale value is you can click on the link above.

Scott Held

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