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Looking for a Used Ram in Edmonton?

We have about 80 used trucks in our inventory at any time – the majority of them are Rams. We sell about 60 of them every month so our inventory which means our 80 units changes over on average every 40 days or so.  (This is one of the largest inventories of used trucks in Edmonton.)

Where do we get them?

We sell about 90 new Rams a month and most of our customers buying new trucks trade their old ones. Sometimes we buy lease returns from a Chrysler auction as well. If you want to know where we got a truck, just ask. We’d be happy to tell you where we got it, no problem.

You don’t want to come there unless you’re pretty sure that we have something that you’re looking for….

We understand that. So don’t. I don’t mean to brag, but I think we have one of the best, most informative, and up-to-date websites in all of Alberta. We have 36 pictures and very thorough descriptions of every vehicle in stock….we have a full time guy who updates our online inventory daily to make sure what you are looking at is very current. Don’t take my word for it – check it out for yourself.

How can you be absolutely sure that you are getting a great truck?

The simple answer is that you can’t. Without the ability to see into the future, there is no way to be absolutely certain that your vehicle won’t ever break down. However, we do put our trucks through a rigorous inspection program and spare no expense re-conditioning them to minimize the chance of you having problems. Many of our vehicles have existing factory warranties or are eligible for extended warranties that cover that cost of repairs. If anyone tells you that they are certain that you will never have a problem with your vehicle and they aren’t named Nostradamus, keep on shopping.

Scott Held


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