———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Duane Stauffer 
Date: 26 August 2014 14:54
Subject: New Vehicle Purchase.
To: Scott Held

Good Morning,

I just wanted to let you that it was a pleasure doing business at your dealership. I dealt with a young gentleman by the name of Daylan Van Hees. It was refreshing to feel that I was not under attack while we walked through the presentation, question and test drive steps of the purchasing phase. He never pressured and offered information at my request or when he felt that I should have information that would better my understanding of what the particular vehicle offered me.

We were able to agree to a purchase price that was acceptable and fair to both parties without all the back & forth drama that one has come to expect when purchasing a vehicle these days. Working with the sales manager was also not drawn out. Once we agreed on a purchase price I was introduced to Glen Wyatt in finance. After a brief meeting we were on the same page and again the process was without stress.  Glen took his time in explaining all areas and costs of other services that were available and that I had a choice to accept or not to accept, the decision mine.

I sold vehicles for a number of years. My decision to leave was, I could no longer accept the deception that the Auto Industry felt it needed to use in making a sale. Some number of years ago I went to a seminar on sales, one of the speakers made this statement and I quote : When showing his or her family and friends their new vehicle what would you want them to say (1) Look at the new vehicle I bought! or (2) Look at the new vehicle they sold me ! I think the answer is obvious don’t you. Those words have stuck with me and are true in all areas of sales.

The marketing program in place when your dealership open was targeting that old mentality as not being acceptable any longer, that fact alone was my reason for visiting your dealership. I have in the past and will continue to recommend your dealership in the future.

Thank You,

Duane Stauffer
Service Manager
Blowey-Henry Furniture


From: Scott Becky Horton
Sent: July-16-14 8:52 AM
To: Scott Held
Cc: Ron Blonar
Subject: Our purchase experience!

Becky and I wanted to send a note about the great experience that we had purchasing our Grand Caravan from Sherwood Park Dodge.  Having been previous customers from your used vehicle division, we were aware of how comfortable that experience was and were eager to have a similarly positive experience with our new purchase.

I am sure that you have a number of quality salespersons (you might even suggest that they all excel), but we consider ourselves lucky that Ron Blonar was the person who greeted us as we entered your new car showroom.  He immediately put us at ease and was attentive to ensuring that he was doing his best to find us the right vehicle for our wants and needs.  A testament to his ability to match the vehicle to the person is that we purchased the first vehicle that he showed us.

As I am sure that many of your customers are, Both Becky and I are very skeptical about the vehicle sales industry and about the steps in the process.  I will admit that our intent was that we were going to come to your dealership and kick some tires and then go to our local dealership and follow through the final purchase steps there as we believe in buying local.  Ron put a wrench in that plan as both Becky and I felt very comfortable with him and he instilled confidence that we weren’t being tricked at any point in the process.  We never, at any point, felt overly pushed into making any decisions without being given time to think and feel comfortable about it.  He also offered many opportunities to engage with the vehicle to ensure that we were happy with the purchase.

We walked away, or rather drove away in our new vehicle feeling as though recommending Sherwood Park Dodge and especially Ron Blonar would be a solid suggestion for our friends and family.

As a side, we wanted to mention how impressed we were with the organization of your lot.  I am sure that the guys that you have parking vehicles and organizing the lot don’t hear it enough (especially from clients), but they do an amazing job.  Becky and I drove around and were thoroughly impressed with the attention to detail.  I will say that this attention to detail is essential as it is the first thing that you see as a customer.  They should be commended for their work as they are truly your “first line.”

Scott and Becky Horton
2014 Grand Caravan Owners


Dear Mr.Scott Held,

I am writing to tell you about our wonderful experience we had at your dealership. My husband has been dreaming of trading in his 2004 Jeep Liberty for a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee.

His birthday is August 2 and we planned to have the deal done prior to his celebration. He works in Ft. MacMurray and had been researching the Grand Cherokees available for 2 weeks. He found the Limited on your website and knew right away it was the Jeep he wanted.

 We walked into your dealership last Tuesday afternoon and met Brent McRae, We had never been to your dealership before as his last purchase was from Crosstown. Brent went above and beyond our expectations to make this deal happen for us quickly and efficiently with a smile on his face. We have never had a better experience purchasing a vehicle.

 Please pass on our regards to Brent. He is an asset to your dealership and please be assured we will be referring our friends to Sherwood Dodge.

 Thanks again for such a great experience. We love our new Jeep and when my husband leaves for Ft. MacMurray today I will feel that he is driving a very safe vehicle on a very dangerous highway.


 Wendy Konduc


Sent: Monday, July 07, 2014 4:41 PM
To: Rod Sullivan
Subject: Re: Thanks from Sherwood Dodge Chrysler Jeep Ram Mopar Fiat

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Darcy Silverthorn and associates at Sherwood Dodge. They know their product line and worked tirelessly to find the a vehicle with the options we wanted. They had the vehicle ready to go at the specified time and helped make purchasing a new vehicle, an enjoyable experience!

 -Ralph Johnson


Testimonial from Dale Borecki for Sherwood Dodge and Curtis


Daylan Van Hees Review


Dear Scott,

Just wanted to let you know about the outstanding service I have recently received from one of your staff. I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with Christopher in your Service Department a couple of times now, over the last month. It’s stressful enough having to drop off (towed in) my vehicle and worrying about a ride, rentals, etc. Christopher and your shuttle drivers made it all run so smoothly and what I thought would be a difficult situation became so easy. Earlier this week, I brought my vehicle in again, for an issue I thought might be serious and was prepared to leave my vehicle in the shop. Again, I dealt with Christopher. Well, 45 minutes and $7.00 later I was on my way again. Whew!

I hope you know what a great attribute Christopher is to your company. In the two times I’ve dealt with him, he has been professional, honest and, in my opinion, went over and above to keep my Journey out of the shop and on the road. Your shuttle driver is great too (wish I could remember the gentleman’s name). Because of the great service I’ve received, I intend to always bring my Journey to Sherwood Dodge for service.


Angela Frank


Hi Scott,

I wanted to take the time to send you an email to tell you about the most absolutely fantastic service I have ever received!! I was on your website yesterday afternoon at 2:20 pm and was looking at the 2012 Fiat 500 Pop. I emailed and Brad responded to my email within in minutes. I let him know that I had applied for financing online with Sherwood Dodge and he immediately called me. He said that they had the application and needed 2 paystubs. I scanned them and emailed them to him. At 5:45 pm he called to let me know that I had been approved for the financing!! I told him that was great and I would bee in tomorrow at 11 am to take it for a test drive and sign the loan documents.

Brad had the car at the door when we drove up and handed the keys over for us to take a test drive. The vehicle is absolutely wonderful! When we came back Brad took us in to meet Rebekah who had arranged the financing. She was absolutely terrific! She did a great job in getting the financing in place so fast and was absolutely a delight to deal with.

We had gone over to [a local competitor – name withheld by webmaster] earlier the same day and had to chase down a salesman in order to inquire about the Fiat’s that they had on their lot. He was much less than helpful or interested in us and said he would call us later in the day. We did not wait to hear from him and I started looking at your website when I got home. ( We still have not heard from him.)

Brad and Rebekah are the top in their field and I will definitely be recommending that anyone we know come to your dealership to make their vehicle purchases!! Thank you and your team for everything!!

Teri Mallon


If you watched the video at the top of the page, you’ll know that sometimes we do screw up, but usually we get it right. In a letter from Jacqueline McCuaig, she shares with us the experience she had at Sherwood Dodge when shopping for her Dodge Dart. We encourage you to read what she had to say in this letter, and browse through our other reviews on this page.


Amanda Daigle & Rejean Arseneault February 4, 2014 at 12:56 pm

Hi Brad! We both just wanted to thank you again for all your help with getting our 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee!! You gave us amazing service and way more for our money. I couldn’t have been any happier driving my new jeep back to Fort McMurray last night! Your excellent service is why 5 hr drive is not so bad especially compared to the horrible experience I had at Dodge in Fort McMurray. Thanks again


Braiden Rempel February 1, 2014 at 5:20 pm

I just bought a 2014 ram 1500. Jesse Halladay was a great salesman and Jason Hill work some magic on my financing and got me in the truck I wanted at an amazing deal. I even got into a little fender bender in my trade in and Mike Redmond the sales manager took care of it before I even got my truck. ill be recommending everyone I know who is looking to buy a new vehicle about Sherwood dodge. thanks guys!!


 Thank you so much to Angela and Matthew for sharing their story on January 30th, 2014. Angela Brodie and Matthew Firman Review of Sherwood Dodge


Sent: Thursday, April 12, 2012 2:19 PM
To: Customer Service
Name:    Jenni Miller
Email:   jennimiller25@gmail.com
Subject: Purchasing a new vehicle.

I recently was out looking to purchase a new vehicle up here in Fort McMurray. I found a jeep that I thought would suit me but decided to look around for anything that could offer a better deal. I contacted a few dealerships in Edmonton and I have to say, I’m happy Sherwood Dodge contacted me. Firstly, getting a reply so quick was awesome and secondly, the help was amazing. Brad McDonald helped me through this whole process which alot of people would agree is stressful. He worked around my schedule, contacted me personally and was very enthusiastic, friendly and knowledgeable. I could contact him anytime and always reach him or he would get right back to me even if he wasn’t in the office. Holy shit, talk about  customer service. (Excuse the language) He was so great that the next time I stop down in Edmonton I’ll have to visit the dealership to see him. Rebekah was also very friendly and helped the financing to the point where even I had no questions because everything was clearly laid out. Not to mention Bob, he delivered the car and I would have to say gave Brad a run for his money for how friendly he was. I am now a firm believer in stem cell research so we can clone a few more of these people to make it this good of an experience for everybody. Sorry this ran on so long!

PS. Love the jeep


From: Brendon Doig [mailto:Doig.Brendon@spartancontrols.com]
Sent: Monday, March 26, 2012 1:56 PM
To: ask scott
Cc: Eddie Yehia
Subject: 2012 Dodge Ram Recently Purchased.

Hi Scott,

I just wanted to give praise to one of your car salesman at your Sherwood Park Dodge Dealership. I went into your dealership only looking to test drive a vehicle, as I have a friend in Calgary who works at another dealership and he was going to get me a “steal of a deal”. I dealt with Eddie Yehia and I told him I wanted to test drive a 2012 SXT Crew Cab Dodge Ram 1500, with very specific options in it. Really, all I was doing was making sure it was the right vehicle to purchase from my friend in Calgary.

My wife and I could tell it was a busy day and we did not expect to get help right away as this was one of about ten dealerships that we had been to that weekend. In know more than five minutes Eddie had pulled up the exact model that my friend was going to sell me, with the options that I had requested. Eddie seemed a bit shocked that I knew exactly what I was looking for, I think he thought that I had either done my research or that I was looking to purchase somewhere else and he asked us just that. I was honest with him and explained my story. Eddie passed me the keys to the truck and said take it for a test drive and if you will let me crunch some numbers, would you be willing to keep your business in the Edmonton area. I said absolutely.

I took it for a test drive with my wife and my 6 month old daughter; I found the crew cab to be too small for my family, I did however really enjoy how the truck drove. I brought the truck back and gave Eddie all my contact information, Eddie said to me “it is a busy day can I call you with some numbers tomorrow” and that was fine by me.

I spoke with the Eddie the following day and we went over the truck that and some numbers. With us calling each other back and forth for a few hours. Eddie was able to absolutely destroy the price that my friend from Calgary had quoted me on the SXT crew cab. Not only did Eddie destroy those numbers, he was able to get me into a SLT plus with the Quad cab so that there was enough room for my growing family. Not to mention all the options that I requested!! Eddie was absolutely fabulous, after getting to know Eddie I found that him and I had a lot in common, his cousin is actually a fellow employee at the company I work at. Eddie treated my family great, my wife and I still rave about him and your dealership to all of our friends and Family.

The day I came in to pick up the truck I ended up staying there for nearly 3hrs just talking with Eddie. I have a tone of respect for him and your dealership. I will most certainly be letting people know about the great service I received and the unbeatable price that I was given! People that I have told this story to are now thinking that when the time is right they will be coming in to see Eddie!!

Eddie is a great salesman and I can see why he is working at your dealership!


P.S. – Please make sure this email gets posted on your online testimonials

Brendon Doig
Manufacturing Technician
Power Ignition and Controls
A Division of Spartan Controls
PH: 780.468.8489


From: Lori Norton
Sent: Wednesday, November 30, 2011 9:33 AM
To: Customer Service
Subject: Thanks!

Good Morning; I just wanted to extend a big Thanks! I purchased a 2008 Jeep Oct 29th and i had great service….above and beyond. Shane Hughes led me through the process. I had been out shopping in Edmonton the previous day and had actually ran out of dealerships due to the aggressive nature of some sales Reps. He gave me a sense of ease and trustworthiness immediately. Time was a big issue as I live in BC and was leaving the next day. When I arrived at noon the next day the jeep was ready to go as promised. He also helped me hook up a trailer and sort the signal lights out! . Then 2 weeks ago I received the Emergency road side kit in the mail. Thanks so much for making my experience an easy one!


Lori Norton


From: George Minde
Sent: Thursday, November 17, 2011 11:50 AM
To: Scott Held
Subject: New car purchase


Recently, my wife and I had the pleasant experience of purchasing new Grand Cherokee Laredo from your dealership. The salesperson(Aaren S) was a great help in selecting the right vehicles and very knowledgable in the product we chose. Please forward our gratitude to Aaren for the fine Service he provided, and would have no problems in recommending your dealership and Aaren to family, friends and associates for all their new vehicle needs.

Thanks again

George Minde


From: Ashley Richardson
Sent: November 11, 2011 11:08 PM
To: Customer Service
Subject: Kevin K

To whom this may concern;

My husband and I were in there a week ago and purchased a truck from you guys. I would just like too express how fantastic the service was. we have been looking for a truck for quite sometime and haven’t been able to find the right one. Other dealerships were not helpful and did not make us feel welcome. It could be because we are young and they thought we were a waste of time. But Kevin K was unreal. He was straight forward, honest and great to deal with. His customer service was above and beyond. I have worked in the retail business for 8 years now and you do not find people that are like that. There are very few. So I just wanted to let management know how exceptional our experience there was. I hope that he gets acknowledged for this. Thank you guys so much for everything! the atmosphere was so inviting. Our experience was great !

Thanks a lot Kevin!


From: Stacey Engel
Sent: Friday, November 11, 2011 8:21 AM
To: Alice Czernecki
Subject: From Stace

Hi Dear:)

I wrote on Brad’s blog but I also wanted to write you personally. I cant express how happy I am to have found you guys and have the pleasure of dealing with you! Your email to me last week, when I was at another dealer, could not have come at a better time and I am so thankful that all of Sherwood Park Dodge was so willing to help me and make me feel like I had people actually on my side! Not once did I feel uncomfortable or pressured or feel anything other than a valued costumer and someone you guys cared about. I was continually encouraged to take my time and find a vehicle that i was happy with. I have been telling people my experience the past two weeks and will continue to recommend Sherwood Park Dodge to everyone! I am actually a bit sad not to have to go there as much anymore because I bought my jeep lol. Walking into the doors there was always a pleasant experience-you never know what laughs were going to happen!

Please forward this email to all the upper management possible because I would really like them to know they have a one of a kind place with amazing staff! I hope everyone looking for a vehicle goes there and I will keep telling everyone my experience. Say hi to your puppy for me lol and if you ever need animal help I will always be there!



From: Lee Langlois
Sent: Wednesday, October 12, 2011 10:53 AM
To: Scott Held
Cc: Ken Crockett
Subject: Customer service


At 52 years of age I have never been sufficiently impressed to warrant doing this before, but I just wanted to take a minute to comment on the excellent quality of service that my wife and I have received from your staff in the service department.

Over the years we had purchased 4 new vehicles from Crosstown from Dale Sauer, (who is now with SP Dodge). I purchased my Dodge truck prior to Sherwood Park Dodge’s opening.My wife purchased her Jeep Cherokee from Crosstown (post SP dodge opening) because we had such an excellent experience with Dale.

Since the opening of SP Dodge in our community,and because of convenience we decided to have had all our service done with yourselves. I have had appointments with Chuck Albers and remarked to my wife,of the excellent service on all occasions.She informed me that she has only dealt with Marvin Kachuk,originally by coincidence and later intentionally, as she has always left the shop satisfied that her vehicle’s issues were addressed.

On my 2nd last, and most recent visit to your service department, I had both appointments with Marvin and my vehicle posed a few out of the ordinary challenges. I was extremely pleased with his open dialogue, attention to detail,the level of service that was delivered, and his commitment to meet schedule, and now I understand why my wife speaks so highly of him.

I work for a major engineering and construction firm as Director of Latin America, and as an engineer I am very focused on detail and my time at home with my family is critically managed, so schedule is everything.Having said that I can be a very harsh critic when things go wrong.

We have never been disappointed in dealing with your service staff,including the shuttle drivers and every time it has been a pleasant experience.

The success of any business is because of its people, and you and your senior management should be commended because you understand it and have surrounded yourselves with excellent, dedicated people who truly understand customer service.


Karen & Lee Langlois


From: Boyd Sharpe
Sent: Sunday, June 12, 2011 6:42 PM
To: Scott Held
Cc: Colette Staples
Subject: My New 300C

Hi Scott,

My name is Boyd Sharpe and I just took delivery on a brand new black 2011 Chrysler 300c AWD c/w a HEMI. So far, it’s been a real blast. I was looking for a car that was a crossover between my Jetta GLI and my Mercedes S 430, both of which I traded in on the 300c. I think I got the right car. It’s luxurious but it’s got the power and punch that I like in a car.

I also want to take a moment to mention the efforts of Colette Staples who did a great job of helping to find and secure the car for me. She was right on the ball and I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with her concern, efforts and professionalism. I will be looking for a new Jeep in the fall and I am definitely considering Colette and Sherwood Park Dodge when the time comes. I did shop around a little in this process and you folks, by far, came out on top.

Thanks again for a positive shopping and buying experience.

Best Regards,

Boyd Sharpe


From: Darrel Robertson
Sent: Thursday, June 02, 2011 8:43 AM
To: Scott Held
Subject: Customer Assistance

Good Morning,

Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the assistance from Keith Bedard. I had a fairly negative experience at [dealer name omitted] last winter. I was led to believe the towing capacity of an F150 Lariat would handle the work I needed the truck to do. When I went back to [dealer name omitted] they were willing to help…but were, in my opinion, trying to gouge me once again. Keith looked for options for me, and I decided to purchase a 2wd Larime diesel. Although vehicles are a lot of money, I feel the deal that Keith arrange was a fair one. I work in HR, and it is always a pleasure to find people who truly enjoy what they do. That was my experience at Sherwood Dodge. My son will be driving in a couple of years…I will be back. Keep up the good work.

Best Regards,

Darrel Robertson


From: June Thorndale
Sent: Wednesday, May 18, 2011 12:34 PM
To: Scott Held
Subject: Fiat Experience

Hi Scott

I’m driving my amazing little Fiat and it truly exhilarates me every time I get behind the wheel. I had a wonderful experience, dealing with Willie and also Rebecca in finance. They made the buying process so much easier than I’ve had with previous dealerships. I get so many people complimenting me on my car and I tell all of them to go to your dealership and give one of the Fiat’s a test drive. Hopefully some will come!

Now I’m going to look into getting car film applied, also at your dealership. I have to keep my little beauty looking good! Thank you for all your help with the deal I got on the car.

Best regards,


From: Todd Voshell
Sent: Monday, May 16, 2011 12:14 PM
To: Scott Held

Subject: Todd Voshell – 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

To whom it may concern,

My name is Todd Voshell and I recently purchased a 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee 70th anniversary edition – somewhat reluctantly.

I previously owned a 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee (Diesel) from new, and was always somewhat impressed with the fit and finish, the fuel mileage, and most of all the safety features. Unfortunately, a couple months ago I was involved in a single vehicle accident and my Jeep was injured. I sent it to Sherwood Park Dodge for repairs and upon seeing the new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and finding out that my vehicle was going to take longer to repair than expected (nature of the damage) I decided to test the water and trade in my 2008 – I didn’t want to, as this was going to be vehicle I kept for the next ten years! However, reluctant and apprehensive I was I traded it in and I now have the “New Look” Jeep Grand Cherokee, which has a fit and finish that rivals Acura, BMW, Lexus (about time)…. I got a great deal, and I now drive a vehicle that looks and drives fantastic!
To be honest I was headed to a BMW.

Todd Voshell


From: Diane
To: sheld@spododge.ca
Cc: Diane
Sent: Monday, May 09, 2011 12:49 PM
Subject: purchasing a new vehicle

Hi Sheldon,

Just wanted to let you know that we have had a good experience with your dealership and your staff. My husband and I were very impressed with your dealership and your sales staff.

We are extremely happy to say that Willie Cudmore was exceptional with the sale of our vehicle. He responded to our emails promptly ( We are from Fort McMurray) and we did not have to wait long to get what we wanted. He took his time showing us the special features of the car. It wasn’t like here you go, here is the car and off you go. He was super. He made it a good experience.

Overall, we had a good experience with Willie and your dealership and look forward to dealing with you in the future.


Keith & Diane Saunders


From: Shirley Alexander
Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 10:16 AM
To: Scott Held
Cc: Keith Bedard
Subject: Another fabulous experience with your staff and dealership

Good morning Scott,

I just wanted to let you know that we have had, yet again, a wonderful experience with your dealership and its staff!  My husband and I had written a previous letter to you when we had purchased his 2011 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited towards the end of 2010.  We had been very impressed with your dealership and your sales staff, and we loved the vehicle so much, that when we decided to purchase a two-door Jeep Wrangler Sahara for me (after all, I couldn’t let my husband have all the fun!), we didn’t think to go anywhere else!

We came back in January 2011, dealing once again with Cam Teel, who had been our salesperson with the original Jeep we purchased, and whom we had been very happy with, and confident that he would do another great job for us.   As I had ordered the specifics I wanted, it was a 12 week wait for the vehicle to arrive.  When I called in around the 11 week mark to check on its arrival, I was quite surprised and a bit concerned to find that Cam was no longer there.  I have to admit I was a bit nervous, as my previous experiences with car salespeople at other dealerships had not been all that pleasant, and I was worried that now that ‘my’ salesperson was unavailable, it might turn into a bad experience.

I am extremely happy to report that Keith Bedard, who our file was turned over to, went above and beyond to ensure that the delivery of the vehicle went smoothly……despite the fact that my vehicle was in “lockdown” in a railyard or storage facility where apparently there were workers on strike, Keith took the extra time and care to reassure me and to see that the vehicle was delivered very promptly.  He was very enjoyable to deal with, made sure that we didn’t have to wait a long time when we came to pick the vehicle up, and really went the distance with any request or concerns that we had.  I’d had a back-ordered accessory, which Keith made sure I received within a couple of days of getting my Jeep!  Overall, I have to say that it was yet another extraordinarily pleasant experience dealing with one of your staff, and the dealership as a whole!!

Thanks again to Keith and your dealership for wonderful service (and the great jeep!!!)


Shirley Alexander

From: Michelle Tuchsen
Sent: Saturday, March 05, 2011 2:14 PM
To: Scott Held
Subject: A Great Experience-Thank-you

Hi there,

I would like to take a moment to share with you a great experience I recently had with some of your staff.

4 years ago, I leased a 2007 Sebring, and I had lately been exploring my options with the lease coming to maturity.

I came into the Sherwood Park dealership at the end of February and spoke with Keith Bedard. Keith was so friendly! At that time he went over some of the options available,
but was in no way trying to push me into a new vehicle, which I truly appreciated. I believe that would have probably been in “his” best interest but not necessarily mine and that left a lasting impression.

As I looked at other vehicles over the next month, I came to the conclusion that for me, buying out my Sebring was probably the best way to go at this time.
So visiting Keith again with my decision, I was now redirected to Rob Shaw. And once again, felt very well informed & well taken care of!

Because of my first impression & the trust I felt in meeting Keith, I came back and continued to do business with your dealership. If not for that, things may certainly have gone in a different direction.

Right from the time I entered the dealership, even the receptionists were very polite. From beginning to end, my experience was top notch!

I also know Terri Menard as my neighbour, and right from the get go she told me “they” would take good care of me, and she was right!

I would like to commend you for hiring fantastic staff who really seem to have their customers best interest at heart!

Many thanks to Keith Bedard, and Rob Shaw specifically, for making this whole process for me an exceptionally pleasant one! I really appreciate everything they did and how comfortable they made me feel!

Sincere regards,

Michelle Tuchsen (Happy Customer)

From: Eric Hanson
Sent: Monday, March 07, 2011 12:57 PM
To: Scott Held
Cc: Eddie Yehia
Subject: happy truck owner!

I just have to say that I just bought a brand new Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 V8 hemi over the weekend and I wanted to complement the great service that me and my family had received from your dealership and sales staff.  In particular, I wanted to thank Eddie Yehia our sales consultant.  He was up front, informative and made buying a new vehicle quite enjoyable.

A week before I was shopping for trucks at  [dealer name removed]  and was really discouraged by the customer service and salespeople. I had checked out about 8-9 different dealerships and must say that your dealership was far and above any of the service we received at other dealerships (dodge, ford).

I wouldn’t hesitate to refer any of my friends and family to check out Sherwood Dodge!

Actually, my wife and I are now considering purchasing a new dodge journey or dodge Durango from your dealership.

As a side bar, I have always owned a ford and this is the first dodge that I have ever owned and very happy to do so.


Eric Hanson


From: Gwenda Prouty
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2011 19:26:03 -0700
To:  Scott Held

Dear Scott

My husband and I just bought a Dodge Journey from Chris and we needed to write to let you’s know what a AWESOME salesman you have on your staff. This is our second vehicle we have owned and our first one was through Ford and we had such a terrible experience with them and got taken really badly. We desperately needed a new vehicle because my husband is a commuter and the car we own now has so many km’s on it and is in need of much work. We came into Dodge because we had some friends and family buy from you guys and they said to go see you’s because they also had a great experience. We told Chris from the very start what we went through with Ford and that we are very leary and he was so patient and understanding we couldn’t have asked for anyone better!!! We came in there really not sure of what we wanted but told Chris some of the things we were looking for and we took out a few different vehicles for test drives but it was the Journey we were stuck on and it had exactly the things that we were looking for THANK YOU CHRIS!!!Chris made us feel so welcome as soon as we came in the door our whole experience with him was absolutely wonderful he was so helpful, patient and completely understanding with us. Any question’s we had for him he answered and if he didn’t know the answer he found out for us in a flash. There just isn’t enough words to say to him or about him. He made our second experience completely wonderful. Chris is definitely a people person he has got a great sense of humour and knows how to make a person feel so welcome!!Thank you so much Chris  for EVERYTHING you did for us you will never know how much this meant!!! We will definitely be spreading the word about Sherwood Park Dodge Chrysler Jeep and about Chris!! See you all next Saturday for the pick up of our New Dodge Journey!! =)Dan & Gwenda Prouty
From: Arlene Ross
To: customerservice@spdodge.ca
Subject: Congratulations
Sent: Feb 8, 2011 12:27 PM

Hi Scott,

I bought a Jeep there about a year ago and couldn’t have been happier with your service, etc.

Congratulations on your effort to step forward to help the little girl go to New York.You Rock !!Will see you in the future for all my auto needs  :  )

Arlene Ross

From: Ed Burley
Sent: Friday, February 04, 2011 9:34 AM
To: Shane Johnson
Subject: Thank you

Good morning.

Well Linda and I thought we would send this email to you and hopefully you will forward this to the Sherwood Park Dodge family.First of all we wanna say  “Thank You”.For those who don’t know, buying a new vehicle has been a challenge and my experience with a couple of Dodge dealerships and Ford has left a bad taste. My first experience was with a friend who had bought a new vehicle with a Dodge company in the city  I couldn’t believe the hassles, the poor customer service and putting safety at risk by doing a poor inappropriate mechanical work on the vehicle. It was getting frustrating dealing wit this dealership. I thought to myself, never will I deal with Dodge. I have heard nothing but negative talk about Dodge products.My personal experience with buying a used vehicle through a Ford dealership was also a learning experience. To make a long story short I ended up with a vehicle that was involved in an accident and when asked for a Car report, never seen it. After many months I was stuck with something I was never happy with but learned to deal with it.  When I seen the new looking Dodge I liked it ALOT. Fall of 2010 I thought I’d see about getting out of my Ford for the new truck.The dealership I went to made me again remember how Dodge was maybe a mistake. I asked to talk to a salesman. I waited for half an hour. You may say they where busy. No. There where many standing around. I was about to leave when one finally came up. We talked and told him what I was looking for. At first I really wanted to take out a Challenger because I was seriously thinking of getting a car. By the way I am a Camaro fan. lol. The salesperson looked at me and said  “NO”. You want a truck. Ok so I’m thinking to myself who’s the one buying a vehicle. So here I go again another strike against Dodge. Showed me a truck and asked if I could chose what color. I said I like Maroon   “NO” you want blue. Strike two. Took it out for a test drive and yeah it was a great driving vehicle  I again told him I was thinking of either truck or car and I wanted to test the Challenger  “NO” not gonna happen. That was it. Left the dealership and thought I’d keep the Ford.I remember driving along the Yellowhead  last year and seen a older lady with a blown tire heading east. Being an ex firefighter and always there to help anyone in need to took the next exit and turned around. I got there offered to help. She had called AMA and told me she was going to Sherwood Park Dodge because I think she said she was one of the owners and on her way there. Told her seen many commercials but had a bad experience with Dodge and she advised me to come check them out should have then before going with Ford.Watching TV seeing advertising of your dealership and with Linda needing a vehicle thought what the heck let’s check you guys out.  What an experience. Everyone friendly.  Our sales person listened to our needs and would like, ( all except I still want to test drive a Challenger. lol), to thank you guys for all your help.  Linda and I are very happy and thank you for all your hard work and making our experience a good one. Yes in the back of my mind I do have some concerns but I hope in time Sherwood Park will help put those concerns to rest.

Well Again THANK YOU  and looking forward to many years of great service. You make us feel important and we greatly appreciate all the help

Ed Burley

Linda McKinnon

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From: Nazz Baksh
Sent: Friday, January 28, 2011 4:58 AM
To: Alan WackGood morning Alan,I just wanted to drop a quick line to acknowledge the efforts of Brad McDonald. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the purchasing experience at Sherwood Dodge and he has much to with it. I manage our fleet and am very familiar with the acquisition process which, from my experience, has been akin to pulling teeth. But, with my personal purchase, the experience has been pain-free and Brad has been very diligent in keeping me updated and responding to my requests in a timely manner. He has also been very patient with me and went out of his way (in my opinion) to provide me with a rental car until I receive my Jeep.While I anticipate receiving my vehicle sometime next week, I am still very much pleased and grateful that I came down to visit you in Sherwood Park and fortunate to have found great salesman in Brad. His boundless energy has made him a fantastic person to work with.Thank you.
Nazz Baksh
From: Sandi Strumelak
Sent: Thursday, January 27, 2011 12:03 PM
To: Terri Menard; Scott Held
Subject: Thank You Sherwood Dodge
To whom it may concern (Terry Menard, Scott Held),Good afternoon…My name is Sandi Strumelak and as of January 15th 2011 I am the extremely proud owner of a Dodge 1500 pickup truck that I purchased from Sherwood Dodge. I am sending this email on behalf of Jaylynn Wirsta, whom was assigned as my financial advisor for the purchase of this truck. This is the 3rd vehicle I have purchased (first time buyer from Sherwood Dodge) and I am happy to say that I have never had a more pleasurable experience buying a vehicle. Jaylynn was extremely professional, polite and went above and beyond to make this purchase happen for me. From the moment that I walked into your dealership I was greeted and treated with a professional and FRIENDLY atmosphere. Recommendations for Sherwood Dodge will be passed on, so hopefully other people can have such a wonderful and stress free experience buying their next vehicle.Thank you again to Jaylynn, she was absolutely pleasure to deal with.Thank You for your time,
Sandi Strumelak
From: Brenda Burgess
Sent: Thursday, January 27, 2011 5:51 AM
To: Scott Held
Subject: Rhonda Mceachern

Good morning;

I have been dealing with Rhonda Mceachern regarding accessories for the Jeep I purchased there last fall, and I cannot say enough good things about this young lady.  From our dealings back and forth the past few days, I can she is passionate about what she does, and very caring in regards to my wants and needs.  I might add that she is a pretty good little salesperson, too.She suggested accessories I didn’t even know existed, and so of course I must have them also.  In fact, I am so impressed with her and the advice she has provided me, I am having my husband look at the accessory link she sent me for his Ram so he can “make it into something that is custom and personal” also, as Rhonda put it.  Make sure you keep this one – she is awesome.I’d also like to make a comment or two about your service department while I’m at it.  I’ve had my Jeep in there three times and Shauna assisted me two of those times, and she also is a customer service superstar as far as I’m concerned.  The last time I was there I pulled into the bay and promptly locked my keys in the vehicle when I got out of it.  I was mortified by my stupidity, but Shauna didn’t even blink – she said, “Would you like me to cut a key for you – it’s about $10”, saving me time, and from prolonged humiliation.  And she made me feel very comfortable when showing me how the display worked and how I could customize that to suit my needs.  Very kind, knowledgeable young lady as well. I’m liking your dealership more and more, and I will be spreading the word.

From: Victoria Marsh
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2011 15:41:13 -0500
To: Darryl Varadi<dvaradi@spdodge.ca>
Subject: 2010 Jeep Patriot – Thanks!
Hi Darryl,I’ve been meaning to send a note of thanks for a few months now!  I still really love the Jeep Patriot I bought.  Also, I can’t thank you or your dealership enough for the excellent customer service I received during the entire process.  Two of my local Dodge dealerships completely ignored me when I went to check out the same vehicle, so it was fantastic to be made to feel so welcome at your location.  I look forward to bringing it in for it’s maintenance visit!Also, I would be pleased if you would pass this email along to your management, I would love to have such stellar service recognized.Cheers,
From: Ron Fontaine
Sent: Monday, January 24, 2011 11:58 AM
To: Customer Service
Subject: Brad McDonald
I recently bought a 2006 Kia Sorento from Brad McDonald. I would like to mention that Brad was exceptional. As I am from British Columbia I had some reservations about buying a vehicle not only from a different province but also traveling some 800 KMs to purchase this vehicle. Brad helped with all the questions I had about the purchase and he also assured me that the vehicle was a 10. I would like to thank Brad. I am very pleased with my new vehicle and with the service that Brad provided. I would not hesitate to do it again.————————–
From: “Tracey Klein”
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2011 13:14:59 -0800
To: <customerservice@spdodge.ca>
Subject: to Scott Held/Keith Bedard

To Whom it May Concern…

After having the WORST experience EVER at two Jeep dealerships in the west end of Edmonton, we made our way to Sherwood Park Dodge Chrysler Jeep at our LAST attempt to a buy a Jeep.

We knew exactly what we wanted so we walked to the reception desk and in no less than two minutes after the call for a sales associate was made did Keith Bedard come strolling over to us ready to help. After hearing our story about our dealings with the other dealerships and perhaps the desperation in my voice to get my husband into his own vehicle and out of mine…. Keith made every attempt to make sure from that point on we were taken care of.  I was so confident in Keith that I left my husband at the dealership and went to work without any worry that the best deal was going to be done and he wouldn’t leave my husband vehicle-less waiting on the curb outside the showroom for me to come pick him up at the end of the day.

If you want it DONE RIGHT and without any stupid games that other dealerships like to play then head to Sherwood Park Dodge Chrysler Jeep and ask for KEITH BEDARD.

Huge thanks for the exceptional service Keith !

Tracey Klein and Cory Rayner

From: Shirley Alexander
To: Scott Held
Cc: Martin Seifert
Subject: Purchase of 2 Jeep Saharas (1 Unlimited, 1 2 door)
Sent: Jan 14, 2011 1:40 PM
Dear Scott:Up until recently my wife Shirley and I were devoted Toyota owners. That changed mid October 2010, when we rented a 2010 Jeep Unlimited on Vancouver Island. We returned home and I immediately began my search for a 2011 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited (4 door). I contacted every dealer in Edmonton, and even included towns and other cities within Alberta, looking for a dealership that had stock, as well as a knowledgeable staff.After many hours, I ended up contacting Sherwood Park Dodge and was put through to Cam Teel. Cam was able to clarify many questions…….questions that other dealerships sales staff didn’t know and surprisingly didn’t offer to find out. For instance, we had a question about the tow group package on the Wrangler Sahara Unlimited, and although he didn’t know the answer right away, he took the time and made the effort to find out the  correct answer for us, so that we could be confident that we were getting what we needed.   He was low pressure, very comfortable to deal with, and very knowledgeable. In November, Cam Teel found the right Jeep for me, which had been in transport, and I put a deposit on it.  A few days later it came in!  We were very impressed, and the deal went through. All the staff (Cam Teel, Martin Seifert – Sales Manager, the finance department, the parts department) were excellent to deal with! Now that I’ve owned it awhile…I enjoy the Jeep more every day. I can honestly say, I have never enjoyed any other vehicle this much in my life…and I’ve owned several vehicles over my 38 years of driving! We had such a positive experience at Sherwood Dodge (and we enjoy my vehicle so much) that last night my wife and I went back to Cam Teel and ordered her a Jeep Wrangler Sahara 2 door. Again, Cam, Martin and the rest of the staff were great!Your dealership and staff has made this a great experience, and we will definately recommend you to others!Sincerely,
Dave and Shirley AlexanderP.S. Who would have thought a 3 day romantic getaway to Vancouver Island would have swung us to get rid of our 2 newer Toyotas and purchase 2 Jeeps? We’re so glad we did:-)
From: Michael Musson
Sent: Sunday, January 09, 2011 8:37 PM
To: Darryl Varadi
Subject: Job well done on my Jeep CompassHi there Daryl,

Just wanted to touch points with you in regards to the repair done on my vehicle this last Saturday, January 08,  2011.

Your service department did an excellent job of installing the ‘factory’ cruise control…it works VERY well…they left the interior of my vehicle…absolutely spotless… and the job was done on time at the price that was quoted me.

Keep up the great job Sherwood Park Dodge…I think you’ve won over yet another customer that will come back again and again for service and for repeat sales.

Again, job well done!!


Michael Musson

Name: Dave and Donna Rogers
Subject: A letter of Appreciation
Date: Dec 30, 2010  6:19pm
Message:This letter is long over due, I wanted to give thanks to your company for the great experience my husband and I had at your great company.We got a terrific truck in November , and are very happy with it. Your staff of William Cudmore, and Adam Lacusta were very friendly and professional, It was a wonderful experience. We will gladly recommend to our friends and family to go to your dealership . I know we’ll be back for another truck in the future.Thank you so much Adam and Willy, we look forward to seeing you again. Cheers to your company in 2011All the best from Donna and Dave Rogers
From: Mike Joly
Sent: Tuesday, December 28, 2010 10:50 AM
To: ask scott

Subject: One happy customer

Dear Mr. Held

My name is Mike Joly and I am the Head of the English Department at Archbishop Jordan High School. I am writing you this letter because I wanted to say how very impressed I am with the people at Sherwood Dodge, particularly Mr. Ron Blonar.

When I went in to look at new vehicles, Ron was there to greet me and walked me through every step of the way. He was polite, funny and most importantly “straight up” about everything. I am the kind of guy who tells it like it is and appreciate that quality in others – and I found that in Ron. He helped me get the best deal possible, though it was difficult and I am sure cost him personally, and he also made me feel like a valued customer throughout the whole experience.

I have never before owned a domestic vehicle and never thought to own one – I loved my BMW 328i. But because of Ron’s actions and if the Jeep itself lives up to it’s expected quality, I will be a Sherwood Dodge customer for life.

My wife is already talking about buying a new Jeep next year(she loves my new one). Actually I have never seen her happier with a vehicle and that makes me happy. You know, happy wife, happy life :-).

In the end Ron, with the help of Jason and Terry and one other guy whose name escapes me(sorry!), made me feel welcome and valued throughout the whole process and I have been recommending your dealership to all those in my life. Thank you for understanding the importance of customer service and hiring the people you do – my wife and I will definitely be back next year!

Mike Joly

From: Luke Elines
Sent: Tuesday, December 14, 2010 8:41 PM
To: Scott Held
Subject: Completely Satisfied 2011 Dodge ram 1500

Dear Mr. Held ( Sherwood Park Dodge)

I want to express my thoughts on how I was treated at your Dealership. The staff was very friendly and helpful, your salesman Will Cudmore even took us out for lunch that day while we were waiting for the paper work to go through.

I can honestly say that has never happened before and I have bought a lot of new vehicles over the years. This is the first time we have ever bought a vehicle from your dealership and it won’t be the last.

I already brought my truck in for the free oil change which you supplied us with.The service dept was great to deal with as well.

It just goes to show that not all dealerships are equal!!

Keep doing what your doing and you will have continued success.

Regards from the (Completely Satisfied) Elines Family


From: Scott SchubertSent:
Tuesday, December 07, 2010 12:55 PM
To: Keith Bedard
Cc: Customer Service
Follow up – Customer Schubert

Good Afternoon Keith,

I wanted to take a moment to drop you a line to thank you for your quick response and action to my concern about the 2010 Jeep Liberty I had recently purchased.Your concern and assistance made an unhappy moment into a simple repair and brief inconvenience. The support provided by the service department and Service Manager ensured I was kept informed and updated quickly.Your assistance in ensuring I was not left without a vehicle for the brief period was also truly appreciated.My vehicle is instrumental in my business and not having to rearrange Client Appointments kept a number of people happy.In closing, I would once more like to thank you for your personal touch which has always been a large part of why Cindy and I continue to make Sherwood Park Dodge a part of our vehicle preferences.

Take care and have a Safe Holiday Season…

Scott Schubert

PS.  Next time breakfast is my treat… J

From Crystal Swartz
Sent: Saturday, November 27, 2010
To: Scott Held
Subject: Ron Blonar

Hi There,

I want to take this time to commend Ron Blonar on a job well done!!!

Greg and myself were customers of xxxxx* and after numerous bad dealings and horrible attitude from the staff and a gentleman by the name of xxxxx* telling us to take our lease to another dealership, we had decided that we were not going to darken the doorway of xxxxx* again.

We talked about the idea of letting go of Dodge altogether and possibly starting to deal with Ford or Chevy (although we didn’t really want to).  After careful consideration, we decided that we would give Dodge one more shot but then the decision was which dealership to go to.  In the end, we chose Sherwood.

We drove our new Dodge 1500 home last night and our faith in Dodge was regained.  Ron Blonar was absolutely fantastic with us and he worked so hard on our deal to make this happen.  It took a little longer than we had expected but the fact that Ron pushed to make this happen is very much appreciated.

I want to give a huge shout out to Ron Blonar and also Adam and Jaylynne for all the hard work.  You have just proved to Greg and myself that not everyone is only about the money, it is also about the customer!!!

Please take the time to give these people a huge pat on the back for a job well done and two very satisfied customers that will continue to do business with Sherwood Dodge.  These people are definitely an asset to your team.

Thank you so much,

Crystal Swartz and Greg Brown

*Please note. It is the policy of Sherwood Park Dodge to remove names of other dealerships from customer comments.


From: Brad Mills

Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2010 12:21:42 -0500

To: Customer Service

Subject: new vehical purchase


I recently purchased a 2010 Ram 1500 from your dealership, and would like to let everyone know about my experience.

My wife and I first spoke with Paul O’mara, unfortunately he was off to China soon and wasn’t able to continue being our salesman. He handed us over to Ben, and for the next week, Ben worked very hard to find me the truck I wanted, and he did.

We were very impressed with Ben and everyone we dealt with including, Rob Shaw in finance, the receptionist, and the parts counter.

In closing I wish to thank everyone for there help and hard work. I recommended Ben to a friend of mine and he is picking up his new Ram1500 today. (The white one in the show room)

Thanks again

Brad Mills


From: Russell Gladun

Date: October 2, 2010

To: Gordon Campbell

Subject: Thanks for the service.

When my wife and I were in the market for a replacement for our current vehicles I looked forward to the process with dread. My experiences with typical car dealerships left me cold and untrusting to say the least. I heard the advertisement series put out by your dealership owner Scott Held and was taken by the candor of the statements. On that basis  contacted and was in turn put in contact with you. My main concern was whether or not the statements about your dealerships attitude towards doing business with its customers would be born out in the experience, after all, actions do speak louder than words. I am pleased to say that the experience exceeded my expectations.

Gordon we appreciate greatly your professional approach to filling our vehicle needs. As a direct result of your efforts, we ended up with a truck that was the perfect match to our needs and certainly one far better than we originally thought we could afford. In dealing with you we truly felt that your goal was to find the right vehicle for us, not just to sell us a truck. Our satisfaction extended to the business part of the transaction as well. We were exceedingly pleased with the price we were able to agree on, and the fact that there were no after the deal surprises (other than positive ones).

Gordon I will not hesitate to recommend Sherwood Park Dodge in general, and yourself in particular, to anyone who I know is looking for a vehicle and who is looking to be fairly and ethically treated throughout the transaction.

Thank you for finding us the right truck and thank you for making the experience so pleasurable.

Russell Gladun


I recently purchased a Porsche from your dealership and I want to Thank you very much for all of the service that Brad provided. What a lasting impression!

Thanks again and your dealership is definitely front of mind when I am referring friends and family.

Geoffry G


Author : Teresa Sanche

Hi Scott:

Just wanted to praise a car sales person at the Sherwood Park Dodge Dealership.  I went in there looking for a vehicle, uncertain of what I truly wanted.  I dealt with Collette Staples, and believe me, both my husband and myself have dealt with a lot of car salesmen recently…she was like a “breath of fresh air”.  She is a very warm, caring and genuine individual, which made all the difference for me.  There was no false pretense about her whatsoever.  Collette’s knowledge base on various vehicles was excellent, and I loved the fact that if she didn’t know, she was truthful in stating so, and investigated to find the answer.  Being in the sales industry myself, there is nothing worse than having someone attempt to “bulltweet” their way through a sale.  I can truly say that she has been by far the best car sales person I have ever dealt with.  I will certainly refer any of my friends to her.


Teresa Sanche


From: Captain Max

Sent: Tuesday, September 28, 2010

To: Darryl Varadi

Subject: Lovin the Patriot.

You are my hero.

I know it’s a gimme, but I really appreciate it.

I have been, and will be, telling everyone about Sherwood Dodge.

Peace man,


“What we do in life Echoes in Eternity” – Maximus Decimus Meridius (Gladiator)

“So make it something awesome” – Jeff Anderson (Just some guy…)


From: “Barron Concrete Ltd.

Date: Tue, 21 Sep 2010

To: Gord Campbell<gcampbell@spdodge.ca>

Subject: 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hi Gordon!

I bought a White, 2008 Grand Cherokee (diesel) from you in May 2009.  I picked it up on May 12, 2009 and traded my 2006 Grand Cherokee in on it.  I didn’t finance my new vehicle. I have noticed that the 2011 are now out and I am wondering if they are available in a diesel engine?  My current Grand Cherokee is still running excellent and I have ~43500 km on it.  I am not sure if you will remember me or not (which is quite fine), but I had such an excellent experience with Sherwood Park Dodge that I will definitely be purchasing my next Jeep from Sherwood Park Dodge.  M3y home number is …..  I live in Edson, Alberta.  I likely won’t be ready to purchase until the spring but wanted to get some idea of what is out there for now.  If you have time and can either e mail me back or call, that would be really appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Tracy Skage



Date: September 17, 2010 9:15:09 PM PDT

Subject:  “Testimonials”

Author : Rob D


Dear Scott, I would like to extend a big thank you to you and your staff for the professionalism you showed my wife and I in the purchase of our Jeep Grand Cherokee. A special thank you goes out to our good  friend Mark Reiman for the exceptional service he gave us, he was very professional and detail orientated , he shopped  around looking for the exact vehicle my wife wanted. Also we would  like to say thank you to Rob in finance for all his help in making the financing very pleasant and stress free. We will be back to your dealership when we need our next car and will being sending our friends. Thanks again.


Date: September 1, 2010

Name: Rosanna White

Subject: Customer Review


I wanted to advise that I recently came into your establishment and met with Mark Riemann whom I have know for several years.  He helped me and my husband purchase a new vehicle.  We were extremely happy with his service and his knowledge of the new vehicles we were interested in.  It is always a pleasure working with Mark and we hope to deal with him many more times in the years to come.  Thanks for having such pleasant staff to deal with.


From: Jerry Szyjka

Sent: Monday, August 30, 2010 11:18 AM

To: Scott Held

Subject: Letter of Appreciation

Good Morning Mr. Scott Held,

I would like to thank you for having staff that will go above and beyond to help somebody out. Last week I had my wheels stolen off my 2008 Jeep SRT 8.

As I walked out of my house and looked up I saw my Jeep sitting on blocks with no wheels.  I am sure you are aware of how hard it is to get not only the rims but the tires replaced.   Naturally I called your Dealership which I have started dealing with ever since Ron Blonar switched over to your Team.  I was put through to Stacey # 2 in your parts department to see what she could do for me and get together a price.  I stressed to her that my Jeep was in front of my house with no way to move it because of the wheel requirements for the Jeep.   She called me back and gave me the bad news of $12,000.00 and probably a 3 week wait.   My next step was to ask if you had any on the lot that I could buy.  She said she would get back to me.   I then called Ron to see if he could help and he told me that there were no SRT’s on the lot at all.  It was not looking good.  As the word got around your dealership Gord Campbell let Stacey and Ron know that he just sold an SRT and the customer switched his rims and tires for aftermarket ones.   So they went to work trying to acquire the wheels but the customer did not want to sell them nor did he want to rent them to me till mine came in.  By the next morning your staff had convinced the customer to sell and by the late afternoon I was picking them up at your store to go them on my Jeep.

Gordon, Ron and Stacey # 2 understood and did what they could to make my unfortunate situation less painful by going to the max to help me out.  I am pleased to say that I will continue to deal with your store and will send people who I deal with on a day to day basis to your dealership without the fear of them getting less than the best in service.

Once again Thanks to You and your Staff for your help.  It is greatly appreciated.  Have a Great Day !

Jerry Szyjka


Name: Steven Miller

Date:  August 26, 2010

Subject: My new truck

I came to Sherwood park looking to buy a new vehicle. What I found was an amazing sales man ( Brad McDonald ) who was just great in finding me the truck I wanted. I would personaly like to thank him and the Sherwood park crew for all their efforts in getting my new vehicle ready in a very short time, and for putting up with my wifes ever changing opinions on truck colour 🙂 By the way, the new truck is awsome. Will recommend you guys to all my friends. Brad, Thank you very much. My best wishes to all,

Steve & Lou Miller.


Date: August 4, 2010 12:27:41 PM PDT (CA)

Subject: [Ask Scott]

Author : Grant K


Your approach to being honest convinced me to purchase a new truck for my parents in Sask. shortly after you opened.  The next set of tucks we purchase for our company will be from your  dealer ship.  Thanks for being honest and making money.  Your customers need you to stay in business or years to come and I am sure you will.


From: Fran Z

Date: August 3, 2010 7:28:52 PM PDT (CA)

To: askscott


I know that dealerships have to sell vehicles and at the same time have to make money as any company does to pay the bills as you said in your commercial.  Your honestly and the way you interact with the audience sets you above the rest.  I am so glad that I purchased my vehicle from Sherwood Dodge and already I have recommended a friend and our son to purchase there as well, and we live 2 hours away.

Gordon Campbell is amazing and so is the dealership.

Keep it just like it is – that way – you’ll keep people coming back and welcoming new ones each and every day!!!


Sent: Monday, August 02, 2010 8:29 PM

To: Customer Service

Subject: Your Service

Name: Johnny A

Subject: Your Service


Good morning, this message is coming a bit late, but i hope it will be received with some weight. Having been able to experience most of your departments, I would like to thank you for the great pleasure surrounding my first new vehicle purchase.  I’m a Chevy guy at heart, however the new Rams are untouchable.  A friend of mine told me to call Michelle in finance ’cause she worked like a dog getting him into a new truck, I did and was amazed at they way she put my wants first.  My memory is not so good and I was excited, but she set me up with a really nice guy to finish the deal and I was off.  Since then I have had a new tonneau cover installed very well and the first oil change done.  If your service guys remember me for anything it will be my pickiness.  Being my first new truck and my nature, I’m fussy.  I’ve not been disappointed, they’re great.  No trouble booking appointments, and accommodating to my schedule (working in Ft. Mac and live close to Calgary). Once again h!

er name escapes me but your parts lady that’s getting married soon is fantastic.  Her attitude and knowledge is second to none.  Having noted that I live near Calgary, it would have been very easy to arrange purchase and service there.  I’m glad to have been steered you way.  I’ve always done my own maintenance and repair since before I had my liscense, so to let someone else touch ny new truck was hard, but I trust your crew.

Just a note from a happy Hemi driver.


From: Fran Z

Date: July 14, 2010 10:45:14 AM PDT (CA)

I would also like to comment on the staff at Sherwood Park Dodge – last November my husband had had surgery in Edmonton and we were on our way home when my truck died in front of Sherwood Park Dodge.  Lucky enough we were able to limp it over the ditch so to speak to the dealership.  Once inside I asked to speak to the Manager of the dealership and thereupon I met Alan Wack.  I explained my story to him, about my husband having just had surgery that morning, on our way home – 2 hours from Sherwood Park, and our unfortunate luck.  He told me not to worry that we would be looked after.  They pulled my truck, with my sleeping husband in to diagnose the problem to find that the lift pump had gone.  There was no way we were be able to get home.  The next day happened to be Remembrance Day, lucky for us the dealership was open and Sheila Wilson, the Service Manager,  come down and assured me that the vehicle would be the first one in the morning to be fixed so we could get back on the road

to home.  I was so very thankful for the professionalism, and the fact that they cared about our situation.  They drove us over to a hotel, picked us up the next day, and throughout the day kept us informed of the progress of the truck.

Just recently we decided to start looking around to purchase another truck, and I was in Edmonton to drop my husband off at the airport so I decided to drive by and see if they had a particular color combination of a truck that we were interested in.  I should mention that it was 7:45 in the a.m. when I was there.  Gord Campbell drove by to see if I required any assistance, and gave me all the details on the truck, offered me coffee when the dealership had yet to open their doors.  He has even called or emailed me on his day off at home which goes above and beyond I feel.  Gord is such a great guy, in no way did I feel pressured from him either which is very very important to me and alot of other people I know.

So hats off to Sherwood Park Dodge – you have a great team – I appreciate everything you do and continue to do for us!!!  Thank you very much.



By b_thistle – 5 Jul 2010

I would like to take this opportunity say a huge THANK YOU, to Sherwood Park Dodge! Ryan Cheyne, your dedication to customer service is second to none. I am from Fort McMurray and sadly, the customer service level isn’t comparable! When I spoke to Ryan Cheyne for the first time, I knew I was buying my new 2010 Dodge Ram from Sherwood Park Dodge. He answered all my questions, and if Ryan didnt have the answer, he worked to get me the answer. Ryan, your professionalism, combined with your skills, should ensure you have a career in sales for a very long time with Sherwood Park Dodge! I love my new truck! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!


From: L C

Sent: Wednesday, June 30, 2010 3:26 PM

To: Scott Held

Subject: recent vehicle purchase

Hi Scott – I just wanted to send you a note to commend you on the amazing staff you have at Sherwood Park Dodge.  My husband and I recently purchased a 2010 Dodge Journey – which we love – and the experience couldn’t have been easier.  We put off buying a vehicle for a long time because we wanted to avoid the hassle that usually comes with the process – however, your dealership rises well above the rest of them.  From my first meeting with Bill Senchuk, I knew we were in the right place.   We had no idea what kind of a vehicle we wanted, and I initially came to SP Dodge to look at the Jeeps.  I met Bill and he showed me the Journey which I really liked.  He gathered a bunch of info for me to take home to my husband and simply told me that if that was the vehicle for me – he would love to work with us, but if not, no pressure.  I really appreciated that because I was scared by all the stories you hear about sales people swooping in and having you sign papers for something you don’t want or aren’t ready for.

My husband and I did tour around to a few other dealerships in the city, however, we either had no one help us, or only someone interested in a sale – once they knew we were only looking, they moved on.  As you know, buying a vehicle is a big decision, and the car we had lasted us for 10 years.  So I suggested to my husband that we go back to SP Dodge because I still had the Journey in my mind, as well as the service.  Ray had the same impression as me – very nice vehicle, and he thought Bill was great – very knowledgeable.

Anyway – to make a long story short – from start to finish Bill was very courteous, available and efficient, we got exactly what we wanted for our price range.  He made sure everything was taken care of for us – we were on a timeline, and he ensured we had the vehicle for the weekend we were planning on going away.  Jason Hill, took care of us with the paperwork and made sure we understood everything we were signing – it seemed like such an easy process.  I am sure there were many other staff involved, and I thank them as well.

So again – we thank you and your staff so much – we will be sending many people your way.

Lianne & Ray C


Just recently we decided to start looking around to purchase another truck, and I was in Edmonton to drop my husband off at the airport so I decided to drive by and see if they had a particular color combination of a truck that we were interested in.  I should mention that it was 7:45 in the a.m. when I was there.  Gord Campbell drove by to see if I required any assistance, and gave me all the details on the truck, offered me coffee when the dealership had yet to open their doors.  He has even called or emailed me on his day off at home which goes above and beyond I feel.  Gord is such a great guy, in no way did I feel pressured from him either which is very very important to me and alot of other people I know.

So hats off to Sherwood Park Dodge – you have a great team – I appreciate everything you do and continue to do for us!!!  Thank you very much.


From: as_inspection…

Sent: Friday, June 11, 2010 8:54 PM

To: Customer Service

Subject: Sherwood Park Dodge customer appreciation

Just wanted to pass on a word of appreciation for the way we were treated at your dealership.  My twenty year old son wanted to buy a Toyota Tundra and we visited the Sherwood Park dealership only to walk away totally frustrated being unable to get a straight answer.  My experience was when a young person and a woman are out vehicle shopping you are not taken seriously and are basically jerked around.  I suggested to my son that we visit Sherwood Park Dodge but since his mind was set on a Toyota he went begrudgingly.  We met Shane Johnson in the parking lot of your dealership and from the get go he treated us like we were important.  He listened to what kind of vehicle my son wanted and was totally professional.  His demeanor was very relaxed and it put us at ease right away.  Shane convinced my son that the product is not all you look for when purchasing a vehicle it is also the service of the dealership.  My son ended up purchasing his first new vehicle, a Dodge Ram 1500 crew cab.  He has been more than pleased by the way he was treated and promises to refer all his friends to Shane.  Great Job keep up the good work.

Barb N. and Andrew N.


From: Pat S

Sent: Wednesday, June 09, 2010 2:18 PM

To: Scott Held

Subject: Great experience at your dealership

Scott I thought I would drop you a quick note to tell you what a great business that you have . I Purchased a vehicle from Hot Rod Sullivan it was the best buying experience that I have ever had at any Dealer by a long shot

Rod is an asset to your company, and a true professional  and I hope I have many future opportunities to do business with you.

Your Finance People are Personable and helpful your Receptionist was friendly your sales Managers are Great Even your lot Guys said hello, asked if I needed anything, and even held the door as we walked in . The whole place makes you feel welcome and appreciated.

You have taken the stress out of buying a vehicle and that in my mind is outstanding

Thanks again for a great experience

Pat S

From: “Stewart M”

Date: Sat, 29 May 2010 11:00:39 -0400

To: <askscott@spdodge.ca>

Subject: Re: *Video Blog – Sherwood Dodge

Really like this approach Scott, great match with your open honest approach to advertising.


From: D & L S

Sent: Saturday, May 29, 2010 7:47 AM

To: ask scott

Subject: Re: *Video Blog – Sherwood Dodge

Very cool.  Thanks for the articles and video stuff www.askscott.ca

Our experience at Sherwood Dodge was awesome.  Keith Bedard treated us SO well, and thanks to Brad for his help as well.  Keith went out of his way at least a half dozen times to call me, keeping me in the loop as he searched for a van, took me out to the service garage to show them detailing my vehicle, and he set me up with gas and oil.  Nice touch.

Thanks guys!  We’ve told several people about our experience at your dealership.  You’re right, it’s the experience and the treatment given that sets certain dealerships apart.

Thanks again.  Great job.

David & Leah S


From: Steve E. L

Sent: Friday, May 21, 2010 2:55 PM

To: Scott Held

Cc: Martin Seifert

Subject: Re: Sales Consultant – Eddie Yehia

Hi Scott;

During my stay in Phoenix last winter to April 1, 2010 I decided to purchase a Chrysler Town & Country Van with all the toys. I had called, emailed, sent photos to Eddie in trying to deal “long distance” one may say. Eddie was very assertive, he sent me every detail of the vehicle and we had made a tentative deal over the phone and internet. A first for both of us! Very impressive.

I was sold on the Chrysler Van as many people in the park we reside in Phoenix have them and love them. I thought I would as well. Eddie kept me informed – “hey Steven, you don’t have to take the van when you get back to Sherwood Park if it’s not suitable for you”. How thoughtful is that! A deposit was made and the van was held until my return.

Upon my return to Sherwood Park the van was spic and span and looked very beautiful. I was sold on it or at least I thought I was, however, Eddie suggested that I take it for the weekend and try it and make sure it is what I really want and need as I have never owned or driven a van previously. During the first day of driving the van, I realized it just didn’t suit me. I felt uncomfortable in it and it seemed so small. Also the passenger seat did not move back far enough for my comfort (I am quite a large man). I really toyed with the idea of purchasing it regardless as Eddie did so much leg work on this sale. Upon returning the van Eddie was supportive of my decision as to not go ahead with the deal as he wouldn’t be happy himself. There was no problem and no guilt feelings about not pursuing the purchase.

I had worked for a large company for +37 years and we strived for our employees to achieve “total customer satisfaction”. It was rarely achieved. I would comment that Eddie’s service went above and beyond his job description. He is definitely an asset to Sherwood Park, Dodge, Chrysler Jeep. Please pass my compliments to this fine sales consultant. Also, in all the sales people I dealt with both in U.S.A. & Canada, without a doubt Eddie is the very best.

In future I will highly recommend customers to deal with Eddie as I will with my future vehicle needs.




From: Tim P Q

Sent: Thursday, May 13, 2010 7:09 PM

To: Scott Held

Subject: Customer service

Hi Scott,Kudos to yourself,Allan Wack,Keith Bedard,and Michelle in finance for your great service and professional customer care.While other Edmonton dealers gave me the run around Sherwood Dodge produced fantastic results! I’m very pleased with my new Wrangler and you have gained a customer for life.Thank-you and your staff.Annette.


Sent: Tuesday, April 27, 2010 7:02 PM

To: Customer Service

Name: Robert S

Subject: Excellent Sales Plus Plus


Attention to: Scott Held, President/Owner

We so greatly appreciate the friendliness, ease, and efficiency of your used sales department to culminate  our recent purchase of the 2006 Pontiac Grand Prix. We just love the car.

Darryl Varadi was exceptionally professional in making our transaction such a pleasure. Thank you Darryl.

The staff we met at the Sherwood Park Dodge dealership were very pleasant and helpful. You have a great team.

There is no doubt that your establishment will be at the top of our list when we purchase our next vehicle. We will most certainly recommend that everyone check out your business first before they buy.

Robert S


Dodge 2010- 3/4 Ton

By blackglory75 – 23 Apr 2010

After 20 years of being a Chev man I recently purchased a 2010 Dodge 3/4 ton from Sherwood Park Dodge. I am very happy with the truck and even more pleased with the level of service from the staff in all the departments of Sherwood Park Dodge, not to mention a smokin low price. There was a few issues that arose from the set-up of the truck to my requests, and the sales staff and service department turned a set back into a good insight into the level of commitment to their customers. A very positive insight that would cause me to certainly recommend Sherwood Park Dodge to my friends, family and any other discerning buyers. Special thanks to Alice Czernecki and Darryl Varadi in sales.


Great Service and Wonderful Staff

By knowjuan – 23 Apr 2010

I just wanted to say that the work from the Service Department and Parts department was wonderful. I wasnt 100% sure what part I needed, how long it would take to get in, or even how or long it would take to install. I came in and the lady in parts helped me pick out exactly what I needed,and let me know that I could get it for the next day. I was overly surprised at her ability to narrow down exactly what I needed since I have no clue about vehicles. I then went to the service staff to see about install, which was more than reasonably priced and booked an appointment that day.The parts were in for my appointmment and my truck was done on time. I would recommend anyone to get work done at Sherwood Park Dodge. Thank you, this is the first dealership where I havent felt like a number when getting service done on my truck.



By mackinnon.tami – 9 Apr 2010



Immaculate Customer Service

By abreview – 22 Mar 2010

We purchased a 2010 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara from Sherwood Park Dodge in March 2010. Due to unfortunate miscommunication on the dealer’s behalf, the unit we ended up purchasing was $1157 more than the one we had put a deposit on the week prior. We were not informed of the vehicle switch & increase in price until we notified the dealership to inquire about the status of our order. Once management found out about this situation they were quick to “make it right” by honoring the original quoted price & even adding in a few extras. I would like to mention 2 particular outstanding employees, Coby & Keith, who went the extra mile to ensure we were 100% satisfied. They turned a negative experience into an extremely positive one that I will be sure to share with friends, family & coworkers. Through their actions they have shown that Sherwood Park Dodge is a reliable, responsive & credible dealership to conduct business with. Keith provided us with immaculate customer service & we left this dealership feeling good about our purchase & will be sure to do business again with them in the future!


Sherwood Park Dodge, amazing dealership

By tory – 4 Mar 2010

My experience with Sherwood Park Dodge was amazing! From my first email to the purchase of my 2010 3500 dodge ram truck! My sales rep. Colette Staples extremely helpful and patience with all my question and concerns. Colette went over and above to help find that “perfect” truck to fit my needs, which was found in B.C. and quickly transfered to Sherwood Park. All the staff were extremely friendly and helpfully, expecially Ronda Mceachern ( accessory specialist) she really help me make my truck my own. I will definitely be coming back to make other purchases!! thank you!


awsome experiance

By squirrel5cats – 9 Feb 2010

I just purchased a used truck from you dealership and wanted to say thank you…..my sales rep Brad Mcdonald was great, friendly and more than willing to go out of his way to help…..the staff at this dealership were friendly and more than willing to help…..I felt very comfortable here not like at other dealerships…..I have and will continue to pass this info on to others looking to purchase new and used and in the future when time for me to get into a new truck, this will be my dealership of choice….Once again Thank you and look forward to doing another deal in future…..Dale D


Customer statisfaction

By ekidsfarm – 6 Feb 2010

It is with great pleasure that I respond to a request for feedback regarding our recent experience at Sherwood Park Dodge. Clearly it is an earnest expectation of all those that we dealt with, that we should ask “what can we do to help you?” Moreover and most importantly is your honest and sincere desire to serve us, your customers, in whatever fashion you are able. This has truly been a lot of fun and we are totally pleased with every aspect of the event. The vehicle we were presented with exceeded our expectations, just as the service. We will certainly be recommending your team to anyone we know who may be in the market for new “wheels”, and of course we ourselves will be back for any of our families future purchases. CONGRATULATIONS SHERWOOD PARK DODGE!! You have definitly smashed the stereo-type of car dealerships. Please pass our sincere thanks and gratitude to all of the “Park Dodge” team. ( I love my truck.)

Best regards, Lester & Tamara Eldridge & Family


From: marlene k

Sent: Saturday, March 13, 2010

10:31 AM

To: Scott Held

Subject: Shane Johnson – Sales Consultant

We just purchased a used 2007 Duramax Chevrolet Silverado Crew Cab from your dealership.

We are very thankful that Shane happened to be outside the showroom when we drove on the lot

because within five minutes we were looking at our truck!

Shane is beyond a doubt the best sales person we have ever dealt with when buying a vehicle.

He was very patient and bent over backwards to meet our needs and requests.

Buying a vehicle can be a very trying time but Shane makes the process a delight.

Great guy!!!!!  Great sense of humor!!!!

I also made a comment to one of the staff that everyone was dressed so nice.  He said “We have to dress nice”.

We were and are very impressed with your dealership and will certainly send referrals to Shane

when and if we can.

Satisfied customers,

Frank D & Marlene K


From: Margo S

Date: March 7, 2010 7:54:47 PM MST

To: sjohnson@spdodge.ca

Cc: rletkeman@spdodge.ca

Subject: Jeep purchase

Hi Shane:

I just wanted to send a note to you to say thank you for making the purchase of my “new-to-me” Jeep easier (and actually fun) than I would have ever expected.   When I bought my 2003 Jeep Liberty the experience was such a hassle I finally turned negotiations over to my husband and told them that I would keep my old Ford Explorer and run it into the ground because this process of buying a new vehicle was supposed to be fun and it simply sucked.

I did try to re-approach the same dealership last week, thinking things may have changed in the economic downturn and the experience was already building into the same cheesy downward spiral.

I was frustrated and feeling ripped off. Being a woman trying to be treated with any level of courtesy, consideration or respect in the process of trading or purchasing a vehicle, is just consistently a disappointment in the car business.

I found Sherwood Park Dodge online and loved the website.  Immediately I received prompt attention and when I told you I was looking for a two door, rag top, 4 wheel drive vehicle – which sounds like a Jeep to me…… – thank you for not suggesting a minivan! or a Dodge Charger! to drive around on our farm.

You just ‘got it’ and I guess the 31 years of experience shows.  This was the best way to buy a vehicle that I know of and I have to say you even impressed my husband and he has purchased quite a few vehicles over the years.  The service and up front honesty that  we received from you and Rebekah made me feel comfortable and confident that I would be happy with the end result.

You can put me in your repeat customer file.  I know that I will make the drive from Red Deer again to purchase through you.  Your cards have been distributed out to my girlfriends who simply dread the thought of going through the usual pistol whipping of buying a new vehicle.  They are very encouraged by my experience.

By the way, your owner/manager who personally came out to meet us was an all time first.  It must be easier to show your face to your customer when you are not the “bad guy” hidden in the back office.

Cheers to all of you.



From: Les E

Sent: Thursday, February 04, 2010 8:16 PM

To: Customer Service

Subject: Customer statisfaction

It is with great pleasure that I respond to a request for feedback regarding our recent experience at Sherwood Park Dodge. Clearly it is an earnest expectation of all those that we dealt with, that we should ask “what can we do to help you?” Moreover and most importantly is your honest and sincere desire to serve us, your customers, in whatever fashion you are able. This has truly been a lot of fun and we are totally pleased with every aspect of the event. The vehicle we were presented with exceeded our expectations, just as the service. We will certainly be recommending your team to anyone we know who may be in the market for new “wheels”, and of course we ourselves will be back for any of our families future purchases. CONGRATULATIONS SHERWOOD PARK DODGE!! You’ve definitly smashed the stereo-type of car dealerships.

Please pass our sincere thanks and gratitude to all of the “Park Dodge” team. ( I love my truck.)

Best regards, Lester & Tamara E & Family


Name: Dale D

Subject: awsome experiance


I just purchased a used truck from you dealership and wanted to say thank you…..my sales rep Brad Mcdonald was great, friendly and more than willing to go out of his way to help…..the staff at this dealership were friendly and more than willing to help…..I felt very comfortable here not like at other dealerships…..I have and will continue to pass this info on to others looking to purchase new and used and in the future when time for me to get into a new truck, this will be my dealership of choice….Once again Thank you and look forward to doing another deal in future…..Dale D


From: Deb B

Sent: Friday, January 08, 2010 5:05 PM

To: Scott Held

Subject: Thanks…Kudos!


Just a quick email to let you know how very impressed I am with your Sales Manager – Coby Dumond, Sales Respresentative – Gerry Varadi, and Finance Manager – Natasha Petrill.

Thanks to their prompt and courteous responses to my email enquiry, phone messages, questions…I am now a very proud owner of a 2009 Dodge Caliber!

You should be pleased to know that these three employees are outstanding examples of a professional team.  They are responsive, respectful, enthusiatic and honest… while demonstrating the highest quality of customer service that I have had the pleasure of experiencing in a very long time.

Thank you Sherwood Park Dodge!

Again…Kudos to you and your team – it was a pleasure doing business with them!

Happy New Year!


Deb B


Name: Kelly & Pat

Subject: Fantastic Sales Experience!!!!


To Sherwood Park Dodge

On Oct. 21 I had been searching online for a used truck and came across your website. It was good to see a site with prices & details about vehicles.

Found some trucks I wanted to look at but were out of my price range. So I called the car lot & they put me through to Brad. Brad said one vehicle I was looking at on the web wasn’t in yet, so come in and have a look.

Told Brad how much I could spend and what I wanted. The truck they showed me was out of my price range, he said don’t worry about the price, numbers can be adjusted. I wanted a super cab short box.

When we went for a test drive it was in a Ford SuperCrew and I don’t even like them.

He pointed how much better the Super -crew would be for space & getting in & out & more room for our dog. We took the truck home. It drove great.

When we took it back to the dealer they had a deal worked out for us with trading both vehicles for the Ford.

It was a good deal & in our budget !!!

We both really enjoy driving the Ford F-150 SuperCrew and being the main driver I am extremely satisfied with the choice.

From your informative website to the sales people & finance dept. it was an easy and good experience.

Thank you for the Safety Kit you sent us!!

We tell everyone we know about you!

Kelly & Pat


From: Liz

Sent: Thursday, November 26, 2009 9:07 PM

To: Service Cashier

Subject: Satisfaction Report


I am satisfied with all the service work done to my vehicle. Your staff is very professional which give me a sence of confidence when my vehicle is being serviced.

Also, your staff have a very positive approach and respect for each other that shows through.

Thank – you.

Have a Blessed Christmas Season & Joyous NewYear.

Elizabeth B


From: katrina

Sent: Friday, November 27, 2009 4:58 PM

To: Service Cashier

Subject: RE: Satisfaction Report

The service from the Sherwood Park Dodge Service Department has been excellent so far and we hope this will continue; though we hope not to see you often. 🙂

Katrina H  and Delbert S


Name: Rod/Cheryl

Date: November 23, 2009

Subject: Thank you


I called in to see how much it would cost to get a remote car starter installed. The people were very nice and to my surprize was able to get us in within 2 days. The only issue I had was the misquote on the phone as to the price.

I then brought in Cheryls Liberty for her to get it installed and Dean Mitchel in service helped me out. I also requested if they could take some time to look at a brake pedal noise that was concerning Cheryl.

All in all I was very happy with the service provided and the explanation around Cheryls pedal noise concern.

Everyone we dealt with including the driver that gave me aride back to work were all very personable and pleasent.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone and I wish we could have bought her Liberty thru you but unfortunately you did not have and could not get the colour she wanted.

I will definately recommend any cohorts of mine to you in the future.

Thanks again


—–Original Message—–

From: LeeAnne and Andrew

Sent: Thursday, October 01, 2009 11:44 AM

To: rblonar@spdodge.ca

Subject: our experience

Importance: High


I just wanted to pass along an email of appreciation from LeeAnne and


As you are aware, we were facing returning our vehicle and doing the new car

shopping at several dealerships in the Edmonton Market. We came to Sherwood

Park Dodge first.

To be honest, it was the fresh media advertisement that drew us there. Once

there, we were greeted by a sales rep that was tested right away, with some direct questions. He was honest and straight by telling us he was not best suited to help, as he was in used and referred us to you.  That was refreshing, most sales staff would wing it until exhausting any chance of success, then turn over the more than frustrated customer to another sales rep that would only wing it as well.

It was your overall demeanor, respect and professionalism to us BOTH, not just to me (it is amazing other sales reps don’t get this in their profession; wives make most of the buying decisions), to my wife, that made the buying experience a great one.  We clearly did not know what we wanted yet so with out hassle, old closing tactics, and pressure we headed out to continue our quest to determine what type of vehicle was best suited for us.

Unfortunately, for the other Edmonton area Auto dealerships, the bar had been set; and we went to alot of places. None could even come close to you (and some did have the product we wanted as well) and the presentation of Sherwood Park Dodge.  It was also the rest of the staff while we were there; they really seem to like their job, and we saw this positive attitude with the other customers as well.

Usually lofty or unreasonable trade-in expectations from customers are met with a

sales rep or manager taking an offensive, condescending reaction towards the customer.

Once again, your sales ability came though and won me (and the wife, which is usually

pretty tough!) over with respectful negotiating.

We are extremely happy with the overall experience with ALL involved,during the entire transaction, and especially the treatment we recieved when we picked up our

“dream” car,

Without any hesitation we will be telling anyone who wants to listen about your fantastic dealership. We will also be saying “Go see Ron”!

My family, my friends and acquaintances have about 40 years plus of vehicle purchases

still left in us; and I believe you and the dealership realizes this by your attitude towards people. We will be back.

Thanks Again,

Andrew and LeeAnne


From:   Julia and Michael

Date:                  Thursday, August 13, 2009  14:10

Subject: Excellent customer service

To whom it may concern, I wanted to send this e-mail to commend your dealership on the service they gave me and my husband when we purchased our used vehicle. Nothing was to much trouble and we never felt pressured into any of our decisions. Please pass on our best wishes and heartfelt thanks to Gerry the salesman and his right hand woman Alice and to Natasha who dealt with our finances. Thanks again Sherwood Park Dodge


From: Gilles

Date: Sat, 27 Jun 2009 09:58

To: sheld@spdodge.ca

Subject: Thanks

Hi Scott,

I just wanted to pass along a note regarding Gerry Varadi. I must say that I am totally impressed with Gerrys positive attitude and his obvious commitment to excellent customer service. Gerry is what excellence is all about and its people like him that make your dealership look good. So if you could please pass on my thanks to Gerry, that would be great!

I will for sure be heading to your dealership when it is time for my next purchase.



St. Albert. AB


From:   Nathan & Desiree

Sent:   Jun 26, 2009 10:02 PM

To:                    customerservice@spdodge.ca

Subject: Our recent purchase


I would like to extend my thanks to the management and staff of Sherwood Park Dodge. I recently purchased a used vehicle and from start to finish I felt no pressure or guilt. I have purchased many vehicles over the years from other dealerships and have always felt somewhat cheated when I leave. The staff was very friendly and helpful thus making this experience one I will never forget. On behalf of Desiree and Myself thank you for a job well done.


From: Greg

To: sheld@spdodge.ca

Cc: rbigelow@spdodge.ca


Sent: Jun 24, 2009 12:30 PM


I think we all have a great fear of salesmen regardless of what they

are pushing.  Like they may trap you into consuming some merchandise

that you really didn’t want. I honestly believe this is one of the

reasons that I drove my old 1991 Dodge up until last week after

visiting your showroom.

From the moment that I walked into your dealership and met Mr.

Richard Bigelow I felt at ease and never pressured or pushed. By the

end of the day I felt like RB ( as I now call him ) was my friend and

we got down to finding me a truck. His approach was excellent as he

commenced to find out through chit chat who I was and what I thought I

needed in a truck. Then he convinced me of what I really needed which

was absolutely correct. I love my new truck and have no one to thank

but RB. He didn’t just sell me a truck he became a friend and I

believe after meeting him that it would have turn out this way wether

I had purchased or not. I will recommend him to everyone I know who is

thinking of buying a vehicle and wants to meet someone genuine.

Thanks RB; and buy the way my wife loves the new truck as well.



Name: Tracey

Sent:   June 23, 2009

Subject: Job well done!


I want to let you know how good of an experience I had buying my first vehicle at Sherwood Park Dodge with the help of Scott Ford. When I met him in the parking lot I felt very comforable with him. He had gone over and above to make me feel good about buying my car from him. I would not hesitate to give him a call if ever I have a problem with my new car, knowing that he would take care of me in a heartbeat. I will recommend Scott and Sherwood Park Dodge to anyone I know for the purchase of a new car. Keep up the good work Scott!

Thank you



Name:   Joseph

Date:     June 22, 2009

Subject: Service Department


I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the service that I’ve received from your service department.

I have been dealing with Joe Cherfan the service manager regarding repairs on my 2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited X, and he’s been more than helpfull and informative. I wouldn’t think twice about bring my vehicle to your service department. He’s a great guy to deal with, and a great asset to your company.




From: Kelli

Sent: Monday, June 22, 2009 11:52 AM

To: Scott Held

Subject: Appreciation For Excellent Customer Service

June 22, 2009

To:  Mr. Scott Held

Owner, Sherwood Park Chrysler

Dear Mr. Held,

I am writing you this letter to express my appreciation and gratitude for your business’ excellent customer service.  Being female, I sometimes have found it intimidating going into a dealership, needing work done and knowing absolutely nothing about vehicles.

This was absolutely not the case in your dealership.  I found your staff very understanding, supportive and professional.  At no time did I feel stupid or that I was bothersome.

I was especially impressed  with your customer shuttle driver, Shelley Worroll.   I found her very conscientious and genuinely concerned about my safety, both in the vehicle and out.  She conducted herself in a very friendly and professional manner.

I feel it is important that when someone is good at something it is important to tell them and those around them.

Thank you.



Sherwood Park


From: Jason and Kim

Sent: Saturday, June 20, 2009 8:21 AM

To: Gerry Varadi

Subject: Hello

Jason and myself would like to say thank you again for all of your help and your understanding of what we were looking for. We are truly happy with the service and business that you and everyone at sherwood park dodge, we well definitly be back there if we are ever looking for another vehicle. Cant explain how much gratitude that we have. Thanks again Gerry. Have a great day 🙂


Kim and Jason


From: Jakob

Sent: March 17, 2009 4:07 PM

To: Scott Held

Cc: Gerry Varadi

Subject: Thank you very much

Good afternoon Scott

It was a great pleasure to deal with Gerry over the phone and the web – everything was ready when we came in to the Edmonton Airport to pick up the truck and finalize the deal. He even gave us a shuttle from the Airport to your place.  Gerry’s approach was very professional and you can be proud to have an employee like him. I could tell you some stories about other places when I was shopping around. Hope the truck works out also as well.

Good luck with your dealership and let me know if you are in the beautiful Okanagan.


Vernon, BC


From: Harry & Hilda

Subject: New van purchase


We were pleased with the service from Colette Staples.  She listened to what we were looking for.  Although you didn’t have the exactly what we wanted, she made some suggestions and showed us simular vechicles that you had.  My wife wanted a specific colour but the non-pushy atmosphere allowed her to change her mind at her own speed.

Thank You.

Harry & Hilda


From: Doug

Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2009 11:10 AM

To: Scott Held

Subject: Excellent service department

We recently purchased a 2007 Sprinter van from Sherwood Park Dodge. Due to the cold weather we have found that we require a inline heater. I called your

service department and spoke to Marvin, who was very helpful. He took the

time to explain the install and provided a cost estimate. When I called

several other dealers for prices Marvins was one third of one of

Edmonton’s Dodge dealers! This morning I received a call from Wayne

telling me the van was ready (on time, on budget) and he offered to warm

it up for us before pickup…now that’s service! Thanks for your staff’s

exceptional service, we will certainly return knowing we are valued

customers. Please pass on my thanks to Marvin and Wayne.



From: Doug

Sent: April 22, 2009 12:07 PM

To: Scott Held

Cc: Gerry Varadi

Hi Scott

This email is in reference to one of your salesman. About two months ago I bought an 07 1500 Dodge pick up from Gerry Varadi. Gerry was very knowledgeable and helpful through the whole process. He was very attentive and followed through with all my requests and questions. If he did not know the answer rather than feed me a sales pitch he took the time to find out what I was looking for. I had complete trust in Gerry and SP Dodge and I  recommend your dealership to any one that wants to listen. You guys are top notch and I would like you to take the time and pass this message on to Gerry as he is a pro for sure. Thanks again for making me a valued customer and you will always have my business based on the above.

P.s.  You can use this referral anyway you like as I will back it up any time.

Thanks Again



From: Richard

Sent: Tuesday, January 27, 2009 4:39 PM

To: Wayne Dearing

Subject: Outstanding service–wayne please forward to Scott

Dear Mr. Scott Held;

I am sending this note to you in regards to the outstanding people you have assembled at your dealership. I’ve had over 23 vans ranging from the original Caravans to the Fords and the Pontiac Montana’s. I would like to state that of all the company vehicles I’ve had this current one, a 2008 dodge Grande Caravan stow & go is by far the best operating vehicle I have ever had, even the heater is great now in cold cold weather. That being aside, I decided to try Sherwood Park Dodge for my after service needs. I would like to tell you that I have never experienced a more professional, knowledgeable friendly, and warm staff that you at your dealership. From Wayne & April in the service section to Ray the courtesy driver, to your techs that I have had questions and they were more than happy to answer and if could not,did get back to me with the info I need. Even Leona at your car Bistro a lovely warm hearted lady that makes the best breakfast sandwich I have ever had. I have since referred my colleagues to use you service dept for all there need as well as other friends and associates. Never have I experienced a friendlier group. Please don’t lose these people because you have assembled a great team in these tough economic times.

Sincerely Yours



From: Matthew

Sent: Tuesday, May 26, 2009 1:07 PM

To: Gerry Varadi

Cc: Scott Held

Subject: Thank you

Good afternoon,

Gerry, I would like to thank you for all the assistance you provided yesterday while delivering my vehicle for repair.  The extended customer service was greatly appreciated.  I will definitely inform others of the professional and courteous treatment I have received both before and after purchasing a vehicle with Sherwood Park Dodge.

Thanks again,



From: Rick

Sent: Monday, March 02, 2009 1:59 PM

To: Joe Cherfan

Subject: Exceptional Service

Hello Joe,

I am writing this email to ask you to tell Kelsey that she did an exceptional job handling the service on my 2004 Dodge 3500 diesel Ram.

Her communications skills are excellent, her knowledge is superb. Throughout the three weeks it took to replace the engine in my truck, she kept me informed and up to date.

I wish more service persons had the work ethic she does.

Again thank you Kelsey and Sherwood Chrysler. This is the second experience I’ve had with your Service Advisors and although I can’t remember the name of the first fellow, he too was great.



From: Rex

Sent: May 22, 2009 2:31 PM

To: Gerry Varadi

Subject: Re: 2009 Dodge RAM 1500

Hi Gerry

I know you called and asked if I liked the truck and I did not reply. Reason was I felt I had not driven it enough to give you a honest answer. Well are you ready for it?…

It the best truck I haver ever driven or owned .  It now has 3600 km on the odometer and I am gettin 19.6 to 20.3 miles per gallon with some city and highway mix. Highway alone is 20 + mpg if you go 110 km/hr and its not too hilly.BUT the engine is not even broke in yet and its getting this kind of mpg!  It rides great , handles great and POWER , HOLY SMOKES …. at 100 km/hr (60mph) if you want to pass just push the gas peddel down abot 5 centemeters (2 inches) it shifts down and if you are not careful YOU WILL BE GOING 160 km/ph (100 MPH) by the time you have just passed the other vrhicle.

The controls , radio, speakers interior stuff is great, seats are comfy, I took it to High Level Alberta , a 7 hrs drive and was very comfortable and handled great a pleasure to drive and you feel like you could blow the doors of the competitors trucks with the HEMI power.

Great Truck!!!  Love the sound of the dual pipes!!



From: Richard

Sent: Saturday, April 04, 2009 10:22 AM

To: Scott Held

Subject: Great Service!


I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that my recent purchase from you was painless. I purchased a 2009 Challenger SRT (still on your lot actually).

Anyway I purchased this from Ewan Sweeny and did 90% of our transactions thru email. We had to order it so we played the waiting game for a while. He always took the time to answer my questions and was very helpful throughout the process. He continues to be of assistance to me even though he has technically delivered the vehicle.

It is service like this that will have me recommending your dealership to others!




From: PAUL

Sent: Wednesday, April 08, 2009 6:29 PM

To: Scott Held

Subject: ref dodge truck purchase

Hello Mr. HELD,

I am sending this email to personally let you know my feeling on purchasing a 2007 Dakota last week.

First on my initial hunt I went onto the net and found your dealership which quickly stood out from the others in Alberta through you highly detailed list of inventory all with lots of great pictures. I observed several potential trucks and when I came to your lot it was as if I had already been in the truck {s} I had listed the details where so good. I even met the photographer today and was able to compliment her.

My salesman was GERRY VARADI whom I met first once again online and he made me feel a trip in to see you would be a great experience.

As it turned out the 2007 was for me, I made my offer which was accepted with no nonsense and the cheque was wrote immediately.

As I am from IRMA ALBERTA Gerry arranged for the truck to be delivered to my door hell doctors don’t even make house calls.

Today the 8th I was in for some add ons for the truck which Gerry handled for me earlier in the week and today had a loaner ready for me so I could hit COSTCO and I was back on the road in the time specified. Thanks to Mr Varadi the day was a no hassle event.

I do not normally contact a business but really wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the truck but in particular wish to convey to you how pleased I am with the friendly efficient and personal service provided by Gerry VARADI.

Past experiences with dealerships and salespersons have not in any way been able to hold a candle to your dealership and the great trust you have put in the online aspect which is what sold this truck to me even before driving in .

Thanks again and please give Gerry a pat on the back they should all be like him.



Irma, Alberta


From: Flavio

Sent: Thursday, May 28, 2009 4:43 PM

To: Scott Held

Cc: Darryl Varadi; Alan Wack; Jason Hill

Subject: Darryl Varadi –Outstanding Salesman

May 28, 2009

Attention: Scott Held —» President of Sherwood Park Dodge

RE:  To the president of Sherwood Park and the gentlemen that work on this deal.

I would like to acknowledge one of your Salesmen  Darryl Varadi. This Gentleman sold me a Brand New Black 2009 Dodge Ram 3500 Dually Mega Cab .  I first contact Darryl from the Internet requesting information, as soon as I hit send for the email I had my phone ringing within 2 minutes after I sent the email.  After brief conversation of what I was looking for and where I was calling from ( ie:  VANCOUVER)  the first words that came out of Darryl’s mouth was ”  I guess I have to make it worth while for you to come to Edmonton and buy the Vehicle” . I said to myself ” man this guy wants my business” . After  dealing with 10 dealerships pricing me on this same truck Vin #  –» 5 dealerships were from BC and 5 from Alberta. The experience I went through from lousy salesmen to no respect , bad customer service  I finally chose Darryl because his price was  the lowest and he was much more friendlier than other dealerships. So  I gave him my business and your dealership business.

He was outstanding person to work with and when it came down to number crunching he understood were I was coming from and so on ……..I got the price I wanted and came to Edmonton on May 16 and drove back to Vancouver slowly in 3 days.

I can tell you one thing the dealerships in Vancouver were to expensive it was $4000 difference . I am for sure I will never buy a vehicle in Vancouver ever again. If I am searching for a new vehicle in the near  future I will contact Darryl Varadi  first,  because I must say there is not many salesmen that I know how to respect customer and do business professionally.

Please take Darryl out for lunch and acknowledge him. He is for sure doing an excellent job.  Please feel free to post this email  to the other salesmen in your office . I hope your other salesmen in your office are just like Darryl because if they are, your new dealership is going to be very successful for the years to come.

Has for the other gentlemen that work on this deal , Jason Hill, and Alan Wack ………thank you  for your support and respect for my business. Mr. President please acknowledge these guys as well.

Have good weekend. Next time I come to visit Edmonton I will stop by.



Vancouver BC


From: Alan

Sent: Wednesday, May 27, 2009 1:51 PM

To: Scott Held


My name is Alan. I just picked up a 2009 STR 8 Super Bee from you guys. And I

wanted to let you know how perfecanal and very honest the people that work there are. Especially Colette Staples,Martin Seifert and Trevor A Medwid.

These were the people I dealt with for a week and they made it feel like I was the only customer you guy’s had.I look at a number of cars and nobody looked after me the way Sherwood Dodge dod.

I will definitely let everybody know where I got my car from.

Thank you very much



From: Les

Sent: Saturday, May 02, 2009 2:50 PM

To: Scott Held

Subject: very happy customer

Scott;               I had to drop you a email  and thank you personally on the way your dealership handled the sale on our Chrysler 300. The sales team of Paul O’mara and Scott Ford went out of their way to locate a 300 from the auction in the color, options and price range we were looking for . I know that you have a new dealership and in today’s market with the problems that Chrysler is facing it is hard to find good people who share the same goals of honesty and customer satisfaction. You have a beautiful dealership and good people. From  my wife Linda and I the best of success in the upcoming years;  Your on the right path.

From a old Chrysler collector;

Yours truly;