Introducing Two Time Winning Western Tech Regional Champion Master Tech

Here’s a little known fact about us here at Sherwood Dodge, we have one of the top rated Master Techs in Canada.

Master Tech, Mark is here to share some details about the competition he participates in all year long.

Every year, Mark competes for status of the Western Tech Regional Championship and has won it twice now.

Each month we are given a level one and level two quiz and if you complete both levels, for the whole year you get the opportunity to write a web based exam, and based on that exam there are ten technicians from Alberta that have an opportunity to compete in a hands on challenge in June every year in Red Deer.

Looking to get your vehicle repaired by the #1 Technician in Western Canada? Come see Mark at Sherwood Dodge today!

Service Team
Sherwood Dodge

What Vehicle Services Do You Want to Learn About? | Edmonton, AB

Do you have questions for our Service Advisors at Sherwood Dodge? Share them with us and get the answers you need about the various servicing done here at Sherwood Dodge.

From tune ups, to oil changes, to brake services, to transmission services, what the benefits are, what does it do for you? Whatever you want to know about, we will tell you!

Contact our service team today at (780) 410-4101 and get the answers you need!

Service Team
Sherwood Dodge

Importance of Visual Vehicle Inspections | Service Department | Edmonton, AB

It is road trip season, which means taking care of your vehicle is extra important. Allana shares an experience she had recently with a customer and how his visual vehicle inspection got him the service he needed.

Planning a summer road trip? Make sure to book your vehicle in for servicing and have piece of mind while enjoying your summer trips.

Call Allana at (780) 410-4101 and book your vehicle servicing today.

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