Sometimes We Screw Up | Marc Lebrecque | Sherwood Dodge Reviews

Sometimes We Screw Up | Marc Lebrecque | Sherwood Dodge

We screw up sometimes at Sherwood Dodge, despite our best efforts. Just ask Marc Lebrecque about how many times he had to take his 2014 Ram 3500 in for service because of issues soon after he bought it. After about the tenth time into the shop, Sherwood Dodge offered him a new truck so that Marc could be happy and enjoy his new 2014 Ram 3500 instead of taking it to the shop all the time. This also allowed Sherwood Dodge to troubleshoot what went wrong with his original vehicle to better serve in the future.

Marc is ecstatic about how Sherwood Dodge handled the situation, right up front. Sometimes we screw up, it’s only natural, so we will do anything and everything possible to resolve our customers issues or concerns promptly and without hassle. The Sherwood Dodge team is human, but that doesn’t mean our customers won’t be fully-satisfied, even when we make mistakes.

Scott Held

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