Sometimes We Screw Up | Kelly Thorne | Sherwood Dodge Reviews

Sometimes We Screw Up | Kelly Thorne | Sherwood Dodge

At Sherwood Dodge, we take pride in doing things right, right up front. However we are also the first to admit that we are not always perfect. For example, valued customer Kelly Thorne had a financing issue and was unhappy that there were options that she was not able to get with her vehicle. She passed this concern along to the Sherwood Dodge team and it was addressed personally by the General Manager; Alan Wack. Kelly was thrilled that this issue was resolved by the Sherwood Dodge team quickly and absolutely hassle-free.

Kelly Thorne is another example of a happy customer at Sherwood Dodge. We realize that we will make mistakes, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be fixed promptly once brought to the attention of the Sherwood Dodge team. Priced right, right up front, we are always willing to go the extra mile for our customers, especially when we screw up.

Scott Held

Sherwood Dodge