Sherwood Park Dodge Complaints

Several months ago we posted a YouTube video on our blog titled  “Sometimes we screw up.”  In the video I said that, although we try hard to please everyone, “sometimes we screw up”. I then invited web visitors to read a few of the comments we received from customers by clicking on the testimonials link on our website. (Most are positive, but not all). Since first posting that video, thousands of people have watched and many have taken the time to send us a note or comment on one of our blog pages. While the vast majority are positive, some people have offered constructive criticism and told us we let them down in some way. We appreciate these opportunities to improve our service. With few exceptions, we have been able to resolve these matters to the satisfaction of our customers.

Actively seeking out not just customers who want to share a testimonial with us but also those who tell us we dropped the ball has been a learning experience for me and my staff.

While we do our best to ensure 100% of our customers have a positive experience when they visit our store, we know this is an objective no car dealership can ever realistically expect to attain. (Or any business for that matter.) The fact is, sometimes we do screw up and sometimes, nothing we say or do will make a difference to someone who just doesn’t like us, for whatever reason.

That said, it bears mentioning we do get it right the vast majority of the time. We receive feedback from our customers every week and we appreciate all constructive comments. We greatly value our customers. Thanks to their continued patronage our business has grown considerably since opening the doors in 2008.

If you have a comment or story you would like to share, please comment below.

Scott Held