Sherwood Dodge Stands Up Against Bullying for #PinkShirtDay

Rob here, Sherwood Dodge Sales Manager Follow me for a second.

Hey Bradley, come here for a second. Give me two words on what you think about bullying.

BRAD: I think it’s not cool and that’s why we’re in pink shirts today because it’s Anti-bullying, no bullying at all. Just be nice to people.

ROB: Come over here. Let’s find someone else that wants to give us a couple of words there on bullying.

It’s a big showroom here we got at Sherwood Dodge, very beautiful in here. The one thing about all of our co-workers, we treat each other with respect, no one’s ever singled out, no one’s ever picked on. It’s a great environment to work.

Well, Sam’s on the phone doing some work.

Hey, give us a couple of words on what you think about bullying.

What do I think about bullying? It’s terrible. It shows you’re a smaller person, you know, you go up and be a man, you know, like treat everybody fairly. There is no reason to bully anybody.

ROB: Over here, Doug over here, Doug.

Doug has a nice little tie on there. Doug, I just wanted two words about bullying

DOUG: About who?

ROB: About bullying.

DOUG: Bullying? Oh, yeah, I know. We don’t bully here at all. You can’t bully, that’s why we wear the pink to support everybody.

ROB: Let’s go down to our Finance office, see what’s going on over here.

You know what, we got UNKNOWN here. Let’s ask UNKNOWN. He makes food for everyone.

What do you think about bullying?

What’s that?

ROB: Bullying.

Oh, bullying is not allowed to anyone or anybody.

ROB: Awesome. Thank you very much.

Sherwood Dodge

We got Amanda over here. Amanda, give us a couple of words on bullying. What do you think about bullying? Is it something you support it, or you’re against?

AMANDA: It’s something I’m against.

ROB: Awesome. What do you do with people that are bullies? You bullied a bully?

You are a bullier.

I always love catching out on the spot. It’s just something fun we do around here. In a fun way, everyone’s happy; no one hurts feelings.

We got Matt Talbot back here, one of our Finance Managers.

Matt, why don’t you give them a couple of words on bullying, if you support it or against it? What do you think of it?

MATT: I definitely support anti-bullying. I guess it’s kind of common sense, but a lot still don’t have it, but if you treat me on how you want to be treated, you’re going to go very far, and you’re going to build people’s self-esteem.

ROB: Awesome. I’m all for it. So let’s see where else we can go.

Mr. Riemann, you’ve been around for almost a century, why don’t you tell everyone what your thoughts of bullying are?

  1. RIEMANN: I’m totally, totally, totally against it. I’ve got four grandchildren, and I’m totally against it. It should be stopped and condemned. Period.

ROB: A couple on getting their insights on bullying, Mr. Maguire? Why don’t you tell everyone out there what your thoughts on bullying are?

  1. MAGUIRE: Knock the pins down.

ROB: Knock the pins down? No, no, no, not bowling.


  1. MAGUIRE: You know, bullying is a really nasty thing. I happen to be privileged to know a lot of children that are involved in Special Olympics or special kids that go through schools that get picked on because they’re a little bit different than others.

Our planet is a wonderful place because people are different. That’s what makes things interesting. Everybody should be loved, hence the pink shirt as a reminder that bullying is not where it’s at. It’s just, just not cool.

ROB: Thank you very much, Mr. Maguire.  

Again, Rob Sirianni, Used Car Sales Manager here at Sherwood Dodge.

Always keep in the back of your mind people do have feelings, guys. Treat people the way you want to be treated. I know it’s the biggest cliché ever, but it really is.

If you’re ever picked on, if you’re ever taken advantage of, you understand the feeling. So let’s all try to stick together and start to be friends.

Sales Team
Sherwood Dodge