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Holiday Message from Scott Held

I wanted to take time and personally thank our customers for supporting Sherwood Park Dodge over the past 2 ½ years.

At this time of year, many business owners send out messages of “Seasons Greetings” and “Holiday Cheer.” Frankly, I have never really paid much attention to any of them. These (commercial) messages, at this time of year, have become standard, a tradition of thanking customers for their patronage and wishing them well.

For me, my family, my employees, and their families, the message this year has far more meaning. This is not another routine holiday message full of platitudes and pleasantries. I am profoundly grateful and appreciative for your support. Here’s why…

In Canada, it is a rare event to see a new Dodge dealer open for business. We did so in 2008 at the height of the “great recession” that saw both General Motors and Chrysler USA go bankrupt. Believe me, when we started planning to build this new business, literally from the ground up, we had no idea what was in store for us.

I recall the first “blog” I made on our website was a letter to the general public where I tried to ease fears regarding the problems with Chrysler in the US. The media coverage was all negative at the time. Few people knew that Chrysler Canada was profitable. Technically we (Chrysler Canada) were not in trouble, that is until some people started telling us they were going to “hold off buying” because they feared Chrysler would be closing its doors.

I must confess, there were more than a few sleepless nights in 2008. My wife and I had just invested our life savings, and several years of our lives, into this business.

During the height of negative media coverage, when most dealers were advertising they were selling below cost, or at least giving the impression they were, I decided to do the exact opposite and let people know the truth. Basically, the message was this;

“We are new, and we need customers, so we are going to have to work a little harder than the other guys to earn your business. We don’t sell below cost, because we are in business to make money, but our prices are fair.”

When I started telling folks I needed to make money in order to stay in business, a funny thing happened, I started receiving emails and phone calls from people who thanked me for being straight with them. People told me they were tired of hearing about how some dealers seemingly sell everything below cost. They said they never believed it and thought the message was patronizing at best.

And our sales went up. Way up. Over the past two plus years, we have gone from an empty potato field on the eastern edge of Edmonton to one of the largest retailers of Dodge Chrysler Jeep products in North America.

Had it not been for your support, this story would have a much different ending.

So, when I say that this message has a lot of meaning to me, my family, my staff, and their families, I am speaking from the heart.

Thank you

Seasons Greetings

Scott Held

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  • Brenda Burgess December 14, 2010, 8:30 am

    My husband bought a brand new 2009 Lariat from this dealership and I recently purchased a used vehicle there as well. I was impressed that soon after my purchase I noticed a leak of some sort dripping on my driveway. The work was covered by the extended warranty that I wisely bought, but there was a $150 deductable. I pointed out that this was an existing issue when I purchased the vehicle, and that there should be no deductable, and they graciously absorbed that cost. I believe that there aren’t many dealerships that would have done that. Thanks, SP Dodge, and especially the people in the Service Dept. They are very, very, nice group of folks working there, and it is because of this that when I am ready to buy a new vehicle, SP Dodge will get my business. After seeing that new Inferno Red color on those new cars and trucks, it makes me want a one right now!
    Long story short…good products, great service.

  • Linda Janes December 13, 2010, 4:14 pm

    Dear Scott
    I was new to Alberta 4 yrs ago started work right away and by the end of my first year went to see your salespeople. I bought my first car from them and was very pleased in there treatment of me as a person. Then maybe 6 months ago went to get a later model which I am driving now and still pleased. Hopefully when the summer is upon us will go for a 2010 and I am sure will be treated with the greatest respect in my dealings with your company. I have since recomended several of my co-workers and friends there and am very pleased to do so. To you and yours a very merry Xmas and joyous new year.

    Linda Janes.

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