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Performance & Classic Car Centre

Sharing a love of older cars is something Keith and Sherwood Dodge are passionate about. It is with this passion in mind that they have opened the doors of the Sherwood Dodge Performance & Classic Car Centre (previously the FIAT showroom).

A vintage style showroom makes this Performance & Classic Car Centre even more authentic. Old neon signs, an old gas pump and eventually a 50’s style jukebox give off a nostalgic feel. With the ability to hold 5 models this new Classic Car Centre is currently home to two older models; a 1970 Dodge Coronet 500 in Plum Crazy and a 1964 El Camino ZZ4 crate motor.

The Performance & Classic Car Centre will allow customers to bring in their older models for parts and maintenance. Special add-ons can be discussed with the team should the need for it arises.

Financing a Classic Car with Sherwood Dodge

At Sherwood Dodge, we make sure that you are able to finance a Classic Car if that is an option you are interested in. We are happy to offer our financing services through our company to help you out every step of the way.

Visit us today or contact Keith Bedard at (780) 953-7906 for more information about financing a classic car.

Are you having no luck finding the car of your dreams? Wish you had help finding it? Contact Keith Bedard and let him help find it for you!

Whatever you need, Keith has a lot of connections out there and he can help find cars for you as well!

We are Opened Year Round!

Come to the Sherwood Dodge Performance & Classic Car Centre and speak with the Department Manager Keith Bedard.

Keith Bedard
Call/Text: (780) 953-7906
Email: kbedard@spdodge.ca

Sales Team
Sherwoood Dodge

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