Mopar Heritage: The Max Wedge was and is the engine to beat.

“Max Wedge” is a name that will always be tied to Dodge and Plymouth performance. “Max Wedge” is what put them on the map for performance in 1962 and they have stayed strong since then.

Dodge and Plymouth versions of these engines were introduced at the Chicago Auto Show in 1962 and were included in the Maximum Performance category. Both the Dodge and Plymouth vehicles were identical; the only difference being the name each brand gave to their engines. Dodge went with the name “Charger” while Plymouth went with “Super Stock”.

Tom Hoover of “Hemi” led the development of these engines modifying almost every part of them to create the best. Two versions of these engines were available; one with a 410 hp engine and the other with 420 hp.

In May 1962 Max Wedge packages were released to the public. Chrysler wanted their engines to be what all the drag racer used and so it came to be that the 1962 Max Wedges overcame the Chevy 409s and Ford 406s to make them the leaders on the drag strip. Tom Grove a top Chevy 409 racer broke all of his old Chevy records using a Plymouth 413. The transformation that Chrysler had so hoped for was complete. Their reputation left them the car to beat on the drag strip and their performance still continues to this day.

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