Human Biology Breathes New Life into Chrysler Group CNG Commitment

Ram2500OnlyFactoryBuiltCNGTruckChrysler Group is looking at the human body, specifically the lung, to design its future CNG vehicles. The inspiration promises to deliver new innovations for vehicles running on compressed natural gas. The lung is comprised of numerous sacs called alveoli that expand to increase the total capacity of air within the lung. It is this design that Chrysler is trying to imitate.

A $50,000 grant from the Michigan Economic Development Council from the Technology Innovation Challenge is partially funding the research into the new design. The challenges of a CNG fuel tank is the fact that it is limited to a cylindrical shape and must be larger than traditional gasoline tanks. A new design would allow more space for passengers and cargo while providing a fuel tank comparable to gasoline or diesel engines.


The car manufacturer already has one CNG vehicle on the market. The Ram 2500 Compressed Natural Gas truck rolls off the same assembly line as other vehicles and features a V8 5.7L engine that uses CNG. It also has a reserve gas tank that it can switch to when it runs out of CNG. Chrysler has designed other vehicles in the past that run on CNG. The research being conducted will allow other new designs for the future with cost benefits for consumers. Learn more about Chrysler Group’s vehicles at Sherwood Dodge.

Scott Held
Dealer Principal
Sherwood Dodge