High Octane Fun

High Octane Fun | Games to Celebrate Ram Heavy Duty Lineup

The High Octane games were launched to celebrate the new Ram Heavy Duty lineup getting the 6.4L HEMI powertrain. The games were designed to show off how the Ram Heavy Duty lineup is pushing the limits of the automotive industry.

No matter the job or the adventure, the Ram Heavy Duty Lineup will get you there. Professional snowboarders drop into epic runs and ice climbers cheat death on vertical ice sheets, which continues to showcase the mantra of the Ram lineup: redefining the elements.

The 6.4L HEMI has best-in-class payload. It maximizes low and high-end power while remaining focused on durability and efficiency through cylinder deactivation, a unique combination resulting from a dedication to design, engineering and repeated testing. Visit Sherwood Dodge today for full details on Ram Canada’s 6.4L HEMI engine.

Scott Held
Sherwood Dodge