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10 Edmonton Dodge Dealers. Really?

Did you know there are more than 10 Dodge dealers in the Edmonton area?

What’s the difference between us and them?

On the surface, not much…

We all stock the same inventory, manufactured by the same people, on the same assembly lines, in the same plants.

We all pay exactly the same wholesale price to the manufacturer.

We all offer the same financing options from the same banks.

We all sell for about the same price.

We all sell to the same people.

All our stores look pretty much the same, inside and out.

All our cars and trucks look the same, because they are, exactly the same.

So… you’re buying a Dodge, Jeep, or Chrysler

How do you decide which dealer to buy from?

One place to start might be talking to others who have purchase from the dealer or dealers you are considering. As the newest Edmonton Dodge dealer, I don’t have thousands of former customers. I do however have many testimonials from customers who have purchased from us since we opened our doors in 2008. You can see some of them by clicking here.

Regardless of how you found your way to my blog, more likely than not, you are not yet my customer and we have never met. Odds are you are driving a product I sell or you are considering one. I don’t expect you will buy from my dealership before you get to know me.


I know I have to earn your trust before I can earn your business.


How do I intend to earn your trust?

Spend some time on my blog. You may be surprised at what you see. I have tried to answer the most common questions my customers and friends ask me.

I intend to earn your trust by being completely candid with you, even if the answer to some questions may not be exactly what you want to hear.

To be clear, I will not say or do whatever it takes to sell you a car.

You can be assured however, when I respond to a question from one of my customers, or potential customers, I will tell you the truth.

Are all Dodge dealers in Edmonton the same?

Scott Held

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