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Dodge Charger Enforcer Model to Offer Segment’s Most Advanced AWD System

Enforcing the law is no easy task, so Dodge had to provide the very best to ensure police are safe on the job. The new Dodge Charger Enforcer delivers maximum all-weather traction and full-efficiency plus, the most advanced all-wheel-drive system in the segment.

The demand for police fleet vehicles has Dodge turning up the heat in their pursuit to capture the police vehicle market. This new car comes loaded with a strong 5.7 -litre HEMI V8 engine. Ken Tuckey, Head of National Fleet Chrysler Canada said, “The current Dodge Charger Enforcer rear-wheel-drive has found wide success with our Canadian Fleet Customers.”

When nothing less than excellence will suffice, the Dodge Charger Enforcer has excelled.

Sales Team

Sherwood Park Dodge

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