Customer Choice Financing


Customer Choice Financing combines great value, flexibility and convenience all into one package. Some benefits you will get with this innovative financing program include:

  • Low monthly payments versus conventional financing and even the most competitive lease offers, making it more affordable to drive a higher-end vehicle

  • Shorter terms versus long term financing, giving you the flexibility to get into your next vehicle much sooner, so you can drive a new vehicle more often

  • Continue to choose from monthly, bi-weekly, weekly, or semi-monthly payment frequencies

  • You maintain full ownership of the vehicle unlike a lease, there are no safety inspections, taxes, or fees applied if you choose to pay off the balance of your loan at the return option date

  • It’s completely open, meaning it can be paid down or off at any time without any penalty whatsoever.

  • Vehicle Return Option Dates of 36, 48 or 60 months, and Amortizations up to 96 months

 You can get any questions you have and additional information from Sherwood Dodge. We are here to help you make the vehicle you really want an affordable reality.

Sales Team

Sherwood Dodge