Cummins Diesel Engine

Why is there a Cummins Engine in your Ram?

 The Ram lineup has been using a Cummins engines for years. This is because if you want to provide the best products, you have to use the best materials.

Why has Ram chosen Cummins engines? Cummins has its own test track to ensure they are supplying quality products. They also have test trucks in cities where they constantly undergo stop and starting environments. They even had a truck run continuously for 270,000 miles and it ran great long after.

Also Cummins is a technology leader in the diesel engine market, with their employees working relentlessly to provide cutting-edge solutions to the increasingly difficult challenge of producing cleaner-running engines. For example, Cummins was the only company in the industry to meet the 2010 EPA standards for NOx emissions with the release in early 2007 of its new 6.7-liter turbo diesel for the Dodge Ram Heavy Duty pickup.

The new 6.7L has allowed Cummins to increase power, increase torque and reduce noise. This change was because of Cummins strong roots in always having a gold standard for their products.

Not only is the 6.7L environmentally responsible, it encompasses all the power you could need. It produces up to 350 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque. Elements like cylinder pressure, exhaust temperatures and cylinder head temperatures are manipulated until Cummins finds the performance you require.

 The Ram lineup has won 2013 MotorTrend Truck of the Year and it is thanks to excellent engineering and the choice to pair up with Cummins engines. There is no better truck out there. Stop on by Sherwood Park Dodge and see the quality for yourself.

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