Chrysler’s Latest Milestone: First Stamping Plant to Receive World Class Manufacturing Bronze Designation


Warren Stamping Plant, otherwise known as WSP, recently became the seventh North American plant to receive the bronze designation for safety, quality and production. The award came just four years after WSP adopted the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) operating system.

World Class Manufacturing is a procedure that focuses on waste reduction, quality improvement and safety enhancement. One of WCM’s key traits is that it surveys company employees for suggestions on workplace development. Fiat was the first to implement the system in 2006, and has subsequently saved more than $1 billion in controllable manufacturing costs.

The bronze is awarded after an audit, if a minimum of 50 points in 10 technical and 10 managerial pillars are achieved. WSP earned a score of 51.

Other award milestones for World Class Manufacturing include a minimum of 60 points for silver, 70 for gold and 85 for world class.

Besides WSP, only five other facilities currently hold bronze awards.

  1. Toledo Assembly Complex (Ohio)
  2. Saltillo Truck Assembly Plant (Mex.)
  3. Dundee Engine Plant (Mich.)
  4. Trenton Engine Complex (Mich.)
  5. Indiana Transmission Plant II (Ind.).

Warren Stamping Plant has a rich history – it was built in 1948 and began production the next year. In 2014, Chrysler announced it would invest $63 million in the plant, to expand capacity. This funding will go towards installing the latest high-speed Servo Tandem Press technology, which will increase capacity by up to 12,000 hits per day or approximately 3.6 million parts per year.

Scott Held
Dealer Principal
Sherwood Dodge