Chrysler Group Employees Collect Mittens for Detroit


Chrysler Group employees came together to collect a record number of items for Mittens for Detroit. The staff gathered together 35,000 pairs of gloves and mittens for the local organization in just under four weeks.

Mittens for Detroit is a nonprofit founded and managed by Erin Cummings. The charity was established five years ago and has collected more than 55,000 pairs during that time. These items are distributed to different agencies within the city. Cummings was impressed by the generosity and dedication of the Chrysler Group staff. She has even said that she plans to only drive vehicles made by Chrysler going forward.

The donations impact numerous people from children to veterans. Mittens for Detroit distributes items received to several regular organizations such as Covenant House of Michigan. They also work with special groups that may vary from year to year. For instance, the mittens and gloves provided for 2014 will also be donated to Operation Get Down, along with other well-known local organizations.

Chrysler Group surpassed the goal set by the steering committee of 18,000 pairs and ended up with almost twice the number. This effort shows Chrysler’s dedication to the local community and is just another way that it stands out from other manufacturers.

Scott Held
Dealer Principal
Sherwood Dodge