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Hey, this is Matt over at Sherwood Dodge. I am the Alignment Technician over here. I’ve been here just over nine years, and I’m here today to talk to you about wheel alignment. A wheel alignment serves three purposes.

First of all, it allows you to get the most optimum handling characteristics out of your vehicle. Second, it also gets the most longevity out of the most important component on your vehicle; your tires. You need to keep your tires safe, and you need to treat your tire well. If you don’t treat your tires well they’re not going to treat you well, and tires are your only connection between yourself and the road itself. [continue reading…]


Edmonton Dodge Dealer Scott Held

I ran a YouTube promotion this month where I mentioned “Bait And Switch.” Several people asked me to elaborate on the subject so I thought I would blog about it…

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Ford, Chevy, or Dodge?

Ford Chevy Dodge Pickup Trucks

Ford, Chevy, or Dodge?

Which would you buy? Which should you buy?

In Alberta, asking a pickup truck owner to switch brands is tantamount to asking an Edmonton Oilers fan to buy Calgary Flames seasons tickets, you just don’t do it. [continue reading…]


10 Edmonton Dodge Dealers. Really?

Did you know there are more than 10 Dodge dealers in the Edmonton area?

What’s the difference between us and them?

On the surface, not much… [continue reading…]


Should I trade my car or sell it privately?

Some people struggle with the decision whether or not to trade-in their vehicle or sell it privately. The source of this uncertainty may lie in the fact they believe they will get more for their car if they sell it themselves. In some cases this is true, depending on who the buyer is. [continue reading…]


How much do car dealers make when I buy a car?

Ask Scott LogoThere are countless websites claiming to know how to buy a new car at or below dealer cost.  There are others where, for a fee, you can buy a copy of the dealer wholesale invoice. We all know somebody who seems to be good at getting the best deal. Maybe you have an uncle or brother-in-law you love to bring along when you go car shopping [continue reading…]


When is the best time to buy a New Car in Edmonton?

There are many theories regarding when the best deals can be found. Should you wait until the end of the month, the beginning of the month, the last day of the year, model change in the fall, or check the newspapers to see if there are any “special incentives” or “limited time offers?”
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Ask Scott LogoDiscovering you owe more on your vehicle than it’s worth happens to more people than you might think. There are many ways this can happen. For example; if you trade every two years [continue reading…]

Scott Held

Scott Held

Hi I’m Scott Held from Sherwood Dodge. As a Dodge dealer, my friends and family often ask me things they may not feel comfortable  asking their sales person. Over the years, I have noticed many of these questions are similar. In fact, most relate to getting enough for [continue reading…]

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What is my trade worth?

Canadian Black Book Used Car Values

One of the questions I am asked most is “What is my trade worth?”

There are many resources available online that will give you a range however, regardless of what you may read on the web, the only way a dealer will be able to tell you for certain is by [continue reading…]