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Our Performance and Classic Car Showroom at Sherwood Dodge has several off make models, a rare Corvette collection!

We were lucky enough to get some special Corvette’s that came out of a Corvette collection and Keith joins us talk about a couple really briefly.

Featured models include:

Come on down and see these very rare, very beautiful Corvette’s right here at Sherwood Dodge in our Performance and Classic Car Showroom!

Comment below or give Keith a call/text at (780) 953-7906 if you have any questions about our rare Corvette collection!


You’ve seen the rides, you’ve experienced the excitement, now step inside the Performance and Classic Car Centre with Keith Bedard and see how the Performance and Classic Car Centre has come together over the past few months.

What we’re trying to focus on here is our passion and love for all the old cars and Keith has great performance & classic cars coming in to Sherwood Dodge often.

Call/Text Keith at (780) 953-7906 to learn more about our Performance and Classic Car Centre, and any of our classic car inventory today.

Sales Team
Sherwood Dodge


Hey, Keith Bedard, Sherwood Park Dodge Performance. Just want to let you know that we’re almost at the end of April. May is coming. I’ve got all my cars in order. Like it’s crazy, actually sold three muscle cars yesterday.

I was trying to get everything stocked up, but I guess people are biting at the bits so come on in here!

I’ve currently got 12 muscle cars in stock. We’re going to come in here, as you can see I’m busting at the seams. I’ve got cars even in the new car, used car showroom because I just don’t have any room. [click to continue…]


Hi, Keith Bedard at Sherwood Dodge Performance Center.

Another fantastic car, just arrived here. I just picked it up myself and brought it into town. This is a beautiful 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T Big Block. And it’s a true F-J5 car. The stock no. on this car is P3752.

If you want to look it up on our website we’re going to have some pictures on there as well. This car originally had a 383 Big Block in it but it’s been transformed to a 440 a period-correct 440. [click to continue…]


Hi, Keith Bedard Sherwood Dodge Performance Centre.

I’d just like to answer a frequent question that I get asked about. A lot of people want to get into this hobby and they haven’t done it yet, and they’re worried about different things like insurance, or what do I do? [click to continue…]


Hi, Keith Bedard at the brand new Sherwood Dodge Performance Centre.

We finally got things done. Come on, and let’s have a quick look. Very excited to share this with you. It’s kind of like my baby. I’ve been working hard on it. [click to continue…]