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Brad McDonald’s Generosity & Service Impresses Year After Year

Our own Brad McDonald’s generosity and consistently excellent customer service has not only led to return customers, but ones that want him to be recognized for his efforts. We all, Brad included, can’t wait to see Matt and his wife again to service their two SUVs and help them pick out their next vehicles!

“Good morning,

I just would like to say that after a year of dealing with Brad McDonald, my wife and myself continue to be blown away with his generosity, and how accommodating he is with everything.

In February of this year, we bought 2 used SUVs from Brad.

He went out of his way to find us 2 vehicles that would fulfill all of our desires and was still able to find a way to make this financially possible for us.

Brad continues to answer any questions we have and has helped out with a few little problems we had.

I can guarantee that when we upgrade our 2 vehicles in the next couple of years, we will be coming back to Sherwood Dodge, and I will be walking straight into Brad’s office to look for his assistance again.”

Kind Regards,

Mammoet Transportation Inc.

Matt Harder

Transport Coordinator

Scott Held

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