Boxing Day Driving Tips


Do you have a plan for your Boxing Day shopping? You probably already know where you are going to shop and maybe even what you are going to buy. What you need to know now is how you are going to deal with the extra traffic on the roads and in the parking lots.

You know it is going to be a crazy day, so plan for it. Be prepared that you will see drivers and pedestrians alike not paying attention to where they are going. You will spend countless trips around the parking lot trying to find one empty space or a closer spot. If you know that things are going to be hectic and take longer, you won’t get upset or try to rush through the crowd.

Remember the road rules and obey them even if others don’t. This means using your signal light when you are turning and slowing down far enough ahead of the turn so others behind you can slow down. Don’t drive too closely behind the vehicle in front of you and don’t get distracted.

Plan to have a fun day and don’t let little irritations change your attitude or your driving style. Whether you are going shopping or trying to get around in the chaos, stay relaxed and in a positive mood.

Be a happy, safe driver and enjoy Boxing Day. Don’t forget to stop by Sherwood Dodge to see some fabulous end-of-the-year deals.

Scott Held
Dealer Principal
Sherwood Dodge