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Chrysler Canada introduces a new way to make purchasing your dream vehicle a reality.

Introducing Customer Choice Financing: A new way to buy a vehicle. At Chrysler Canada they want to ensure that when someone decides to buy a new vehicle it is an affordable reality.

With Customer Choice Financing you have an array of benefits before you. One of these benefits includes the financing being completely open. This enables you to pay down your loan at any point without a penalty.

This vehicle remains completely yours. You will not have to pay any fees when it comes to your return option date. Chrysler will give you a great payment schedule, along with low payments. You can choose from monthly, weekly, bi-weekly or semi-monthly. Whatever works for your finances will work for Chrysler Canada.

With Customer choice financing you will also have a shorter term. Long term financing has become a thing of the past here at Chrysler Canada.

So come on into a Sherwood Dodge and get started with your Customer Choice financing. Drive away in the perfect vehicle for you with piece of mind knowing you purchased it with the best financing out there.

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