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A Bag Full of Gold With Every Purchase. Sale Ends Today.



Are you tired of all the advertisements you see and hear from car dealers?

I know I am.

Do you really believe an ad that claims “best price of the year?” Or do you think to yourself, “yeah right, I’d better get right down there and buy?”

Do you ever wonder how a dealer can pay you the highest trade in value, knock $12,500 off the price of the car you are buying, and not go broke? (They can’t.)

When you see a dealer promising tickets to Vegas, a hot tub, $10,000 to pay off your credit cards, or a trip on the space shuttle, do you really believe you can get all that stuff….. for free?

Who pays?

The dealer?

The manufacturer?

A government sponsored bailout program?

Or do YOU PAY when you buy the car?

I think most Albertans know the answer to that.

Here is something to remember when you go car shopping;


The dealer making the biggest promise is always the dealer making the most money.



I wonder what the commercials would sound like if dealers were given an injection of truth serum just before they hit the recording studio.

Some might go like this….

“John here from ABC Motors

I just had a meeting with my sales team and we decided to have a big sale this weekend because we make more money when we put our cars on sale… and we like money.

We are going to call it our first annual 48 hour June blow-out.

We want to start tomorrow but first need to re-price all inventory. Some will be reduced, others will be marked up…. and then reduced.

Some prices will actually be slashed by up to 50%… off twice the price.

Hurry in. You only have 48 hours to get in on these amazing deals. (Our accountant is pleased with our “special” pricing. Very pleased.)

The sale will start Wednesday… and end Sunday.

Monday we will extend it for another week due to our great success.”

Or perhaps the ad would be more like this…

“Scott here from Sherwood Dodge

I just had a meeting with my sales team and they would like to have a promotion this month in order to attract more customers. You see, we are a new dealership and we need customers.

The problem is, I am not willing to make claims that aren’t true. Some of my competitors have no problem promising a bag of Krugerrands with every purchase. I do.

My prices are not the lowest in town, nor are they the highest.

I don’t have a sale every week or every month but my prices are consistent.

I don’t mark up my cars so I can mark them down and give the illusion the deal is spectacular.

Let’s face it, nobody likes to spend money, but in northern Alberta, most of us do need a car or truck to get around.

We have new Dodge, Jeep, and Chryslers, and we have plenty of good used cars and trucks.

So do our competitors.

As I said, we are a new dealership and we need customers. I can’t give you a bag of gold coins with every purchase but I can tell you this, we will be straight with you, we will work very hard to help you find the right vehicle, and we won’t make any promises we can’t keep.”

Would you like to hear more advertising like that?

If you are interested in writing my next radio ad, email me your script. If I use anything you send, I will donate $100 to the Edmonton charity of your choice and give you full credit on my blog.


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