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30 Minute Oil Changes While You Wait – No Appointment Needed

Customers kept telling me they didn’t want to have to make an appointment to get simple oil change and they wanted them done faster. ” Sherwood Dodge, home of the 90-minute oil change”, kinda lacks a certain ring.  Anyway, we heard you…

We now have an express lane quick service.  No appointment needed, 30-minute oil change.

It’s open 7 AM to 6 PM Monday – Friday and  8 AM to 2 PM Saturday

Two guys work on every vehicle; it’s kind of our version of a pit crew.

We can do more than just an oil change.  We can do an inspection as well.  We can replace windshield wipers, light bulbs, rotate your tires, and it’s all done quickly and without an appointment.

We ensure that all the recommended Chrysler maintenance is done according to the manufacturers recommendations.

In, serviced, and out again…while you wait,  with no appointment.

We hope to see you soon.

Scott Held

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